Executive Opportunities

The Order of the Black Sun is currently seeking exceptional individuals to fill the following executive-level positions within our ministries:

Ministry of Science:

Psycho-Sorcerer Supreme: Expertise in mind control techniques, hypnosis, interrogation, psycho-pharmaceuticals and psychological warfare.

Physics-Sorcerer Supreme: Advanced theoretical and practical knowledge of nuclear, directed energy and Tesla weapons, high energy physics and propulsion technologies.

Bio-Sorcerer Supreme: Expertise in virus design, biological weaponry, genetic engineering, cloning and life extension.

Pharma-Sorcerer Supreme: Concoct and administer mind control drugs, poisons, truth serums, super-soldier formulas, immortality elixirs, etc.

Cyber-Sorcerer Supreme: Mastery of hacking, cracking, cyberwarfare, social engineering and computer programming.


Ministry of the Occult:

Esotericist-In-Chief: Expert knowledge of esoterica, symbology, religion, secret societies and cults.

War-Sorcerer Supreme: Adept in offensive and defensive magic, psychic warfare and the like.

Demonologist-In-Chief: Expert in demon invocation, possession, theurgy and apocalyptic workings.

Head of Field Research: Lead global OBS research efforts to obtain occult power artifacts and knowledge.


Ministry of Intelligence:

Spymaster-In-Chief: Master of espionage, counter-espionage, covert operations, disinformation and dirty tricks.

Master of Assassins: Expertise with weapons, explosives, poisons and stealth killing techniques.

Chief Financial Wizard: Expertise in international finance, offshore incorporation, creative accounting and money laundering.

Propagandist-In-Chief: Master of media manipulation, public relations, marketing and trolling.


If you are qualified for any of the above positions and are interested in becoming part of the OBS Shadow Empire, please contact us below and tell us more about your qualifications.

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