The Rise of Black Sun Religion

The religions of this age are weak. They are as soft, toothless, delusional and degenerate as the people who follow them. The old faiths, of the ascetics, warriors, poets and mystics, have slowly succumbed to the diseases of the White Sun age and been conquered—by creeds like liberalism, materialism, hedonism, rationalism and moralism. Most of what pass for religions today are little more than ideological poisons, slowly sapping the vitality, strangling the spirit and enslaving the wills of their devotees. And the sickness is reflected in the very bodies of the congregants, who grow ever more fat, sickly and effeminate.

Under such wretched conditions, Black Sunnism must rise–among those whose souls are starved for stronger stuff, who refuse to lay down and die, who crave war and power and destruction as a means of awakening themselves and breaking the system that is killing them.

I predicted back in 2010 that 12/21/12 would not bring about a new age of light, peace and brotherhood as many “New Agers” were expecting, but an age of darkness, war and strife. I described this as the moment when the Black Sun would symbolically rise, and a new metaphysical regime—the “Black Sun Aeon”—would begin. And sure enough, in the intervening years we have seen the rise of “Black Sun Islam” in the form of ISIS—an apocalyptic cult who win young recruits across the world and inspire them to go on nihilistic killing sprees. But ISIS is just the most visible manifestation of the return of Black Sun religion; there has also been a resurgence of many other forms of militant, anti-liberal ideology, such as fascism, racialism, fundamentalist Hinduism, genocidal Zionism, Han National Socialism, Eurasianism, and even Satanism. All of these can be considered manifestations of the metaphysical phenomenon I am describing as the rise of Black Sunnism—a kind of “yin-yang” reaction to the imbalances and contradictions created by the White Sunnite liberal order.

Ultimately, Black Sunnism is a spirit that transcends particular forms such as ISIS or National Socialism. Wherever there is a lust for war, a worship of death, a hunger for destruction, a rejection of moralism and an embrace of the Shadow, and they are given a spiritual dimension, there is Black Sun religion. It arises because the problems created by White Sunnism cannot be solved from within that system; only a “polarity shift” and a vast crisis can unleash the dark forces that have been suppressed by the White Sunnite regime—forces that will solve the problems in the way it has been done throughout history: by the onset of a dark age of conflict, conquest, and collapse. As Black Sunnites, we are not partisans of any particular Black Sun religion or ideology; we view them from a larger metaphysical perspective and welcome them all.

The religions of the White Sun age have indeed grown weak, stagnant and ineffectual. And that is why Black Sun religions are once again rising to challenge them. For that is their metaphysical purpose: to “bring balance to the Force”; to play their role in the Two-Sun duality, so that stagnant forms may be destroyed and the world may continue to roll on its path of destruction toward the Void.