The Black Sufis

The Black Sufis are an order of dark mystics that is said to have its origins in “pre-sand Egypt.” There is evidence to suggest that the Black Sufis have been covertly manipulating events in the Middle East for millennia.

Abdul Alhazred is said to have been a high-ranking Black Sufi before he went mad and revealed some of the cult’s secrets by publishing the Kitab Al-Azif (aka “the Necronomicon”). Another suspected Black Sufi was the 14th dynasty Egyptian high priest Nephren-ka, who formed the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh as a cult dedicated to Nyarlothotep. In modern times, there is speculation that the rise of Nazism was influenced by the Black Sufis, via Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, who studied Sufism extensively in Turkey before World War I. After the war, Sebottendorff  would found the occult Thule Society as well as the German Worker’s Party, which was soon renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party by one Adolf Hitler.

A Western religious scholar specializing in esoteric Sufi sects has recently uncovered evidence suggesting that Islam was manufactured by the Black Sufis as a front for an abysmal cosmic religion. He believes the Kaaba stone is really a fragment of a “star stone” that fell in the Arabian desert in prehistoric times and first brought the knowledge of the Outer Gods to Earth. Legend has it that a humble Arab shepherd saw the Kaaba stone fall from space while tending his camels in a remote corner of Rub-al-Khali (“Empty Quarter”). Drawn irresistibly to the meteorite, the shepherd dragged his stubborn herd across a wadi and came upon the star-stone, still shimmering with the heat of impact. The shepherd became a changed man after his encounter with the strange stone. His family and friends began to fear him as a powerful black magician, who seemed able to know their thoughts and control their minds, have terrifying knowledge of the cosmos and foresee strange future events beyond their imagining. This shepherd, a prehistoric Arab sorcerer unknown to the mundane world, would become the founder and prophet of a lineage of sorcerers that would come to be called the Black Sufi order.

The greatest secret of the Black Sufis is their conviction that the god called “Allah” is really an extra-dimensional entity whom the prophet Lovecraft called Azathoth: the formless, gibbering idiot god who reigns amidst the black spirals of uttermost chaos in a dark hyper-dimension known as the Antiverse. This has given the sect its heretical secret slogan: Azathoth akbar! (Azathoth is greater)

The Black Sufis believe that cosmic conditions are coming right again to allow a greater intrusion of the Outer Gods’ power into our universe. They are therefore rousing Muslims into a worldwide apocalyptic frenzy, in an effort to usher in the Age of Return and bring the whole planet under “Xothic” theocratic rule. In fact, the “Islamic revival” of recent times was largely orchestrated by the Black Sufis via occult influence on organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood; the Muslims who march to their tune are really marching themselves, and all of mankind, toward certain doom.