Razing the ground for the Black Sun Temple.



The Black Templars have located a vrilhazhut (“Force nexus”) on this planet and have cleared the ground for their first Temple. The Zakshôt u Borzûm (“Temple of the Black Sun”) will be the focus of our power and ground zero of our new Empire.

We expect to have the foundation completed by summer of Imperial Year 4 (2014 of the old calendar). When completed, the Temple will be a monument to the Black Sun, a place to conduct our meditations, exercises and rituals, and a memorial to past Templars. The Temple’s location will be kept secret, but the Templars may invite select guests and make occasional videos from the Temple grounds.


The Black Sun is the metaphysical source of every Black Templar’s power. It is a symbol of the dark side of the mind, life and the cosmos. It is also the origin of the dark force, black flame, or vril which animates our wills and ignites our imaginations. The Black Sun — Borzûm in our Black Tongue — is essentially our god.

To walk the path of the Black Templars is to undergo the inner alchemy of Borzûm-Zargûk (“Black Sun enflaming”), which burns away the weakness of your vrilbran (“Forceless”), Malzûmin (“White Sunnite”) self and creates a more powerful, endarkened being. As a mark of Endarkenment, a Black Templar may bear the Borzûmhazh (“Black Sun Eye”) upon his forehead.

Black Sun ideology will be explained in more detail in a forthcoming book, to be called Borzûm-Achad (“Book of the Black Sun”).