Judaism: Moses … The Jewish mystical concept of “Ain sof” — the … — is

Christianity: Xothroni believe that Jesus was an avatar sent by the Outer Gods to deceive mankind — to give them hope where none exists.

Islam: Islam is almost a workable religion, if one replaces Allah with Azathoth, the Koran with the Necronomicon, and Mohammed with H. P. Lovecraft. In fact, some Xothhafh’drn believe that Islam was engineered by a much older cult of Arabian Xothists who were seeking a way to expand their power. According to this theory, Mohammed was groomed by the cult’s priesthood since childhood and was brought into contact with the Outer Gods at the cave at … This   the Kaaba stone which he placed at Mecca is actually a “star stone” kept by the cult for millennia. By striving to make the whole world submit to Allah and pray toward the Kabaa, muslims are in effect working to bring mankind under the spell of the Cult of Xoth and the Outer Gods. Some scholars also speculate that the “mad Arab,” Abdul Alhazred, was a high priest of the secret cult who went insane and revealed some of its secrets by publishing the Kitab Al-Azif (Necronomicon).


Buddhism: The Buddha discovered some important truths: that life is suffering, dukkha (the unsatisfactorines of existence), and Śūnyatā (the emptiness of the self and the world). However, the Buddha erred when he taught that there is a solution to suffering, or that compassion has value in a nihilistic universe.


The Way of Xoth

Our way is the way of submission to the Outer Gods and their minions and avatars.

The Terrible Truths









The Fermi Paradox

The Outer Gods are the answer to the Fermi Paradox, of why are there no signs of other intelligent life in the cosmos. When a species gets too intelligent, it faces “Lovecraft’s Choice”: to “go mad from the revelation” of a vast universe ruled by indifferent gods, or to “flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.” In either case, no star-spanning civilization will be built by such a species. And if somehow a third option is found, it is only a matter of time until the stars come right and the Great Old Ones are sent to annihilate any species which is attempts to voyage far into the black seas of infinity.