Reading Room

Below are some of the works of fiction and non-fiction which have most inspired the Emperors in our quest to build the Black Sun Empire.


Clark Ashton Smith may be the greatest poet and visionary of the Black Sun Aeon; his weird tales of doomed civilizations, decadent sorcerers and eldritch empires transport us far from mundane modernity into timeless realms of dreams and nightmares. I am especially fond of his stories of the last continent of Zothique, such as The Dark Eidolon, but everything this great writer produced bears the unmistakable mark of the Black Flame of genius!

Skull-Face pb
Skull-Face may be the great Robert E. Howard’s masterpiece, though it is obscure in comparison to his Conan stories. This riveting tale of Kathulos, an ancient, all-powerful Atlantean sorcerer unleashed upon the modern world and conspiring to revive an antediluvian empire, is one of the most awesome visions of the Black Sun Aeon I know of!


The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu is one of the archetypal  Black Sun supermen, the inspiration for generations of Oriental supervillains such as Kathulos, Shiwan Khan, Dr. No  and the Mandarin. How can one not love the “Devil Doctor”, master of intrigue, potions and poisons and commander of the Si-Fan cult of assassins – all in the noble cause of overthrowing the modern world and remaking it in the image of his beloved, long-lost imperial China?


The Call of Cthulhu is H.P. Lovecraft’s seminal story, a visionary work which foretold the Black Sun Aeon, when mankind will be free and wild and beyond good and evil. OBS is essentially a vast Cthulhu Cult, dedicated to bringing about the “holocaust of ecstasy and freedom” prophesied by Lovecraft in preparation for the return of the Great Old Ones. CoC is a must-read story of unparalleled prophetic power!

Ernst Schertel’s Magic: History, Theory, Practice is a fascinating little book which belonged in Adolph Hitler’s private library, and contains annotations by the Führer himself. If you are interested in real magic as practiced since primeval times, or in knowing more about what made Hitler tick, you really should read this book. “He who does not carry demonic seeds within him will never give birth to a new world.”


Bram Stoker’s Dracula is one of English literature’s great creations, a timeless tale of ancient evil loosed upon the modern world. Count Vlad Dracula is one of the archetypal Black Sun supermen, a self-contained being who dwells entirely in darkness and personifies the deepest fears and most forbidden desires of White Sun slave society.

Genius! There is no other way to describe this stunning tale, which asks the question: What if Dracula had prevailed in Bram Stoker’s story, married Queen Victoria and founded a vampire empire in the heart of Victorian England? Surely one of the most compelling and terrifying visions of the Black Sun Aeon ever penned!

The fascinating story of a Satanic arms dealer who hires a sorcerer to unleash all the demons from Hell, in an attempt to bring about the Apocalypse (aka the Black Sun Aeon). Black Sun adepts should take particular note of the detailed description of Theron Ware’s demonic invocation, and of the terrifying demons he invokes. Blish has clearly done his homework on classic demonology and black magic, and so should you!