The Legend of the Black Sun Scroll

{ This story was published in Black Ninja Handbooka manual for Black Sunnites who choose to walk the Ninja or Shadow Warrior path under the Black Sun. }

In modern times, many important historical Ninjutsu scrolls have come out of the shadows of private family collections and been made available to scholars or published in book form for the first time. But there is one scroll that has yet to surface, though it still exists as a dim legend and a dark vision in the minds of the few who have heard of it.

We speak of the legend of the Black Sun Scroll: a document which describes the darkest arts of Black Ninjutsu, much as the Shoninki and the Bansenshukai describe the ways of White Ninjutsu. The Black Sun Scroll is said to contain the secret lore of a Ninja clan that originated as an Akuto—one of the “evil bands” of thieves and bandits who terrorized ancient Japan. It is said that some six hundred years ago, this band came under the influence of a mad Buddhist monk named Kano—an adept of the Mikkyo sect who had also trained with Yamabushi mountain mystics and the fanatical Sohei sect of warrior-monks.

Kano was obsessed with a vision of the Kuro no Hi—the Black Sunwhich he alone was apparently capable of perceiving. By his perception of the dark energies emanating from this invisible sun, the monk believed he had been given magickal powers and prophetic abilities, but most people just thought he was mad. Expelled from the orthodox Buddhist orders for his erratic nature, Kano wandered the wilds of Japan, a desperate man who resorted to begging and petty criminality to survive. That was when he came in contact with a band of thieves and mercenaries, who, equally outcast and despised by conventional society, took him as their spiritual leader. Together, this unlikely band evolved into a bizarre cult, led by an inspired madman who gave them an ideology that elevated their activities above common criminality and mercenary terrorism to apocalyptic holy war. For Kano saw the cult’s activity in cosmic terms: he taught that the “White Sun” of the present age was dying, a “Black Sun” would soon rise that would cast the world into war and darkness, and the chaos the cult spread was the will of the “Dark Tao”.

In time, the cult settled down in a remote mountain village in Koka province. There, they constructed a temple known as Kuronohiji—Black Sun Temple—where Kano conducted services for the cultists. He also began to record the cult’s lore and his prophetic and magickal insights in secret scrolls. Thus was born the Black Sun Scroll of legend. By this time, the cult had become a skilled band of mercenaries who conducted night raids, arson, theft and assassination for any warlord who would hire them. Thus, they became one of the earliest and most notorious clans of shinobi-no-mono—stealers-in—Ninja.

Symbol of Kuronohiji (Black Sun Temple)

After years of this way of life, the Black Sun Clan, as they became known, made many powerful enemies and were eventually targeted for destruction. It seems that their decisive offense was propagating their heretical religion, which Kano was now calling “Black Sun Zen”, “Black Shinto” or “Dark Taoism”. This religion produced a breed of apocalyptic religious terrorist-shinobi that terrified even the powerful warlords who employed them. Finally, with the prodding of several religious authorities, a powerful Koka Daimyo decided the time had come to wipe out the Black Sun Clan and end their fanatical cult forever. Soon, a large force of samurai descended upon the Clan’s village, joined by an army of Sohei fighting monks who saw it as their religious duty to wipe out the heretical evil-doers. Thus, according to the legend, the Kuro no Hi Temple and village were burned down by the Daimyo’s men and all its members were put to the sword. The evil scrolls which the Temple was said to contain also went up in flames, and with them some of the darkest flights of the human imagination and blackest magick ever conceived.

But the legend also states that Kano’s scrolls weren’t all destroyed on that violent and fiery night. The most sacred of his scrolls, Kuro no Hi no Maki—the Black Sun Scroll—was stolen out of the village by the Clan’s swiftest Ninja and taken to a place of safekeeping. The final prophecy of Kano, it is said, was that the Black Sun Scroll would one day be rediscovered, its revelations proven true, and the cult of the Shinobi no Kuro no Hi—the Black Sun Ninjas—born anew. Whether any of this is true we cannot say, since the fate of the scroll is still unknown. However, we will note that shortly after the destruction of Kuronohiji Temple, Japan was plunged into its “Sengoku” or “warring-states” period—a dark age of war and chaos that lasted for more than a century. Thus, in that respect Kano was prophetic, though it remains to be seen whether the Black Sun Scroll will resurface and its cult of Black Sun Ninjas will live again.

Two-Sun Philosophy

The Dark Lords of the Order of the Black Sun hold to a worldview they call Vorzûm-Zovrâd (Two-Sun Philosophy). According to this philosophy, there are two primary metaphysical “Suns”―the Black Sun (Borzûm) and the White Sun (Mâlzûm)―which influence the human Will and guide our destinies. The Black Sun is the source of Borvril―the “dark energy” that compels men to conquer, fear, hate, destroy, die, follow dark gods and celebrate the darker aspects of existence. The White Sun is the source of Mâlvril―the “Light” spoken of in many religions, associated with love, life, healing, peace, benevolent gods and the “sunny side of life”.

While the Dark Lords believe in the existence of both Suns, they consider the Black Sun to be dominant in this ‘verse―as shown by the fact that the stars evolve into black holes, all life dies, everything crumbles into dust and the entire universe is going dark. Since Borvril is stronger than Mâlvril in this life, they have chosen to cultivate it more than the weaker White Sun energy. This is what makes them Dark Lords and not Light Lords!

The Dark Lords also speak of two ‘Temples’ associated with the Two Suns: the Black Sun Temple and the White Sun Temple. These are not physical Temples, but abstract, metaphysical places―the Black Lodge and White Lodge spoken of in Theosophical and occult circles, where the followers of the Two Suns imaginally congregate.

Religions throughout history have recognized the reality of the Two-Sun duality: that there are two metaphysical poles which influence the human Will, and indeed all things. The Taoists called these poles Yin and the Yang; the Zoroastrians named them Ahura Mazda, god of light, and Ahriman, god of darkness; the Manicheans spoke of the world as a battleground of light and darkness; the Christians call them God and the Devil; Gnostics and Luciferians speak of the “light-bringer”, enemy of the dark “demiurge” who rules this world; the fictional Jedi and Sith have their “light side” and “dark side” of the Force; and so on.

The Dark Lords also hold to an Aeonic worldview: that there are metaphysical ages, or Aeons, dominated by Black Sun consciousness, and others ruled by the White Sun. They believe the world is now entering a very dark Black Sun Aeon (Borzûm-Odun), but they also believe this process can be influenced by human Will. Thus, when Black Templars conduct rituals invoking the Black Sun and do other deeds, they are hastening the dawn of a Black Sun Aeon.

It should be noted that while the Dark Lords favor the Borvril of the Black Sun, they do not deny the power of the Mâlvril of the White Sun. They simply see the White Sun as a weaker, fleeting emanation within the all-encompassing primordial Darkness. As Lord Kârzathor put it: “The Light that birthed this universe was a fleeting whim; the galaxies are growing dim; the Darkness will forever more ascend.” Thus, the Dark Lords build Temples to the superior power of the Black Sun, and internalize its Darkness within themselves. This process is what they call Endarkenment (Zhamboragûl).

The Nine Maxims of Borzûm-Dûn, Part 1

The Nine Maxims of Borzûm-Dûn—the Black Sun Path—form the basic creed of all Black Sunnites. They are the guiding principles that every member of the Order should internalize and live by. In this post we discuss the first three Maxims:

  1. Remember that this world and everything in it will die.
  2. Know that nothing is true and everything is permitted.
  3. Seek unlimited power and conquest.

Maxim One: Memento Mori

The Black Sun is a memento mori—a reminder that we will die. Indeed, it is a reminder that everything in existence—ourselves, our friends and families, our tribes, our races, our civilizations, our species, our planet, our sun, our galaxy, our entire universe—is doomed to destruction. As the ancient Chinese sages said, when asked for a saying that is true in all times and places: “this, too, shall pass”. Nothing in this world is eternal. The fate of everything is Darkness. Nothing can escape its destiny in the Void of the Black Sun. Unlike the modern White Sunnite who lives in denial and mortal fear of this reality, the Black Sunnite embraces it, takes dark inspiration from it, reminds himself of it often and pays tribute to it by his devotion to the Borzûm symbol. Thus do we revive the ancient tradition of “memento mori”—the practice of keeping death imagery at hand such as skulls, bones and graves as a reminder of our mortality, common since ancient times but forgotten in the modern age. We use the symbol of the Black Sun for a similar purpose, but a different slant than the White Sunnites: to glorify the power of death, universal destruction and ourselves as dead men walking under the Black Sun.

Maxim Two: Nihilism

Philosophically, we are nihilists. We believe that all moral philosophies are collections of words and concepts which are negated by the reality of a Black Sun-dominated universe. The inevitable extinction of life, the death of the stars, the diffusion of the galaxies, the disintegration of matter, and the return of this ‘verse to the Void from whence it came, all undermine the authority of any values, morals or laws of which we can conceive. Just as a black hole is a “divide-by-zero error” in the equations of cosmology, the Black Sun is a divide-by-zero error in the reasoning of the moral philosophers. Nor is the logic of theology any better, since no gods of light show themselves nor answer our pleas for guidance. Therefore we deny all false, man-made gods, and dub whatever negative transcendent principle remains the “Black Sun”. Such Borzûmik nihilism is, in our view, the freest of all philosophies and the most tenable position to take in a universe such as this one.

Maxim Three: Power

Black Sunnites could be described as power-worshipers, or fascists. We believe that we live in a Darwinian universe, in which might makes right, the strong dominate the weak and only the fittest survive. We believe that the strongest individuals, tribes and empires will naturally prevail over weaker collectives, and this should be encouraged. We believe that every individual should strive for inner development and empowerment, and that every collective is measured by the personal power of its individuals. We understand that there is no cosmic reward for pursuing any ideal of “justice”, “liberty”, or “equality” that denies the realities of the Borzûmik Vrâthûl (“Black Sunnish Universe”). We believe that all political ideologies not rooted in nihilistic Black Sun philosophy are arbitrary, transient delusions. Our politics is the politics of destruction of all false ideologies, hopes and creeds, and the elevation of will, vitality and power as the supreme political expressions of human nature in this hostile universe.

In Borzûmik ideology, the emphasis is on the will and imagination, not on reason, reality or morality, because only the former can fill the void of existence in a Black Sun-dominated cosmos. We seek to master and mold the universe to our liking according to our Borzûmik inspiration, not according to the dictates of some false god of light or bogus moralism. Liberated and endarkened, each of us is a potential Emperor and conqueror of the world, who may attract legions of followers who wish to share in our conquests. Unlimited power! Unlimited conquest! Unlimited triumphs of the will! Let this be the credo of the Black Sunnite sorcerer and anti-philosopher!

Black Sun Over Atlantis (Atlantean Revelations, Part 1)

{ Dark Lord Kârzathor has been receiving visions of the ancient civilization known as Atlantis for several years. These he transcribes in a private book called Tranzathik Sârudâtz (“Atlantean Revelations”). He has kept these visions to himself while he processes what he has learned, but here, for the first time, he reveals a small fragment of this knowledge. As you will see, these revelations are key to understanding what motivates the Black Sun Order and their Black Temple project. }

During the later years of Atlantean civilization, certain Vril-sensitive mystics and artists began to speak of a “Black Sun” rising over their lands, and an apocalyptic future approaching. These mystics adopted symbols of the Black Sun such as those shown below, which they wore on their clothing, painted on their Temples and tattooed on their very flesh.


At first, this strange cult was ignored, or laughed at, by the satisfied citizens of the Atlantean Kingdom. After all, Atlantis had known prosperity, security and glory for as long as anyone could remember, and was in no danger of falling into darkness. Surely the Atlanteans had won the favor of their gods—which they honored dutifully in their Temples to the White Sun, the moon, the stars and the spirits of nature.

However, fewer laughed at the “Black Sunnites” when a series of misfortunes befell Atlantis not long after their appearance: earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis rocked the Kingdom; wars against outland barbarians went badly; sea raiders harassed coastal towns with impunity; distrust, fear and hatred began to divide the people; once-noble leaders grew greedy and corrupt. It seemed that a Black Sun had indeed risen over the lands of the White Sun, and a golden age of civilization was drawing to a close.

Amidst this chaos and unrest, the Black Sun cult began to rapidly gain influence, and its sinister black temples began to appear—first in remote regions, then in the cities, as conditions grew more dire and the cult became more brazen. The cult soon developed into a powerful religious order, known as Borzûm-Gâzûl (Black Sun Order) in the ancient Atlantean dialect of Borgâl. This led to a great schism in Atlantean civilization, as the old dominant religion of White Sun worship was now challenged by an insurgent, apocalyptic sect of those who were said to “walk under the Black Sun”. The two opposing sects thenceforth became known as the Mâlzûmorz (White Sunnites) and the Borzûmorz (Black Sunnites), respectively.

Eventually, the entire population of Atlantis would be split by this great religious divide: the White Atlanteans (Mâl-Tranzathîn) being those who favored the older White Sun religion, with its creed of peace, progress, and a benevolent cosmos that shone down its favors upon the people of Atlantis like the rays of the sun; the Black Atlanteans (Bor-Tranzathîn) being those who sided with the newer Black Sun sect, with its creed of conflict, conquest and a hostile cosmos that would destroy Atlantis and all things in the fires of the Black Sun. The White Atlanteans were guided by the Mâlzûm-Gâzûl (White Sun Order), the priesthood who practiced what we would call today “white magick”, while the Black Atlanteans were guided by the Borzûm-Gâzûl (Black Sun Order),who practiced black magick.

The Borzûm-Gâzûl’s power was centered in their Black Temples (Borzâkshodz), which took many forms but were noted for their twin black obelisks inscribed with letters of the Hârzad script, and their black altars upon which Black Templars made sacrificial offerings to their Black Sun. At the peak of its power, the Order built vast pyramidal black stone temples, upon which their black-robed priests conducted sacrificial rites during eclipses and exhorted their congregations to success in battle. For the Order was by now firing up their followers’ imaginations with visions of imperial greatness, and preparing them spiritually for great wars to come. The Order’s ruling Shadow Council knew by then that war was necessary: first to crush the White Sunnites in the homeland and consolidate their theocratic power, then to expand the Atlantean Kingdom across the seas and establish a greater Black Sun Empire (Borzûm-Kârzath). And the key to it all would be evoking a great Vrilstorm—a nexus of Black Sun energy centered in the Black Temples, which would sweep away the old order and inspire the Atlanteans to untold heights of glory.

Thus the stage was set for an apocalyptic showdown between the White Atlantean and Black Atlantean factions, which would decide the fate of the greatest civilization of the antediluvian world, and echo down through the ages to our own time.

{ To be continued… }

The Dark Universe

This sermon gives a poetic description of Black Sunnite cosmology―of the ultimate nature of this dark universe, and our destiny within it.

“Dâr” in Hârzad script

In the beginning, there was Darkness: the Zambrân-Zath (Lightless Realm), infinite, eternal, black―the Dâr.

Then came the Light: finite, fleeting, blinding―the Lie.

But the deeper reality of Dark Energy remained, an echo of the primordial Void, the Vril of the primal Black Sun, permeating and dominating the visible universe.

Dark Energy is what gives a Dark Lord his power. It is an energy field created by all matter in the Void. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it drives the galaxies apart.

Remember, Black Sunnites: in each galaxy of this ‘verse, lies a vast black hole at the center―a lightless nexus around which the stars orbit; a portal into the Dâr Dimension or Zâmbrân-Zath. And it is the destiny of our kind, the endarkened race, to build great civilizations and starships, so that we may ascend to the stars, penetrate the galaxies and enter these black gateways to infinity. In this way, our kind will escape the lies and limitations of a universe of Light, and enter the eternal Darkness of the Dâr. This is true immortality. This is ultimate Endarkenment.

The Light that birthed this universe was a fleeting whim; the galaxies are growing dim; the Darkness will forever more ascend. The cosmos is going black; the stars are fleeing fast, as they ride the dark flow into the infinite void. Dark Energy is life, intelligence and will, prime mover of matter, you and me, our origin and our final destiny.

Zâl âshâl Borûk (Let there be Darkness)…

The Black Sun Jihad

Untold millions of years ago, a civilization in another galaxy went through a period of intellectual “Enlightenment” much like our own, in which science and rationality triumphed over ancient traditions of religiosity and mysticism. But soon after this came the “Endarkenment”, a period of cultural disillusionment characterized by cosmicist artists, nihilist philosophers and mystics of the Void. For them, the universe revealed by science turned out to be too strange, indifferent and doomed to be reconciled with notions of progress or cosmic benevolence. Thus was born the Black Sunnite movement, a quasi-religious cult founded by endarkened intellectuals who looked at reality unsentimentally and concluded that life, consciousness and the universe itself were abominations that should not even exist.

Soon after this revelation the Black Sunnites launched the Black Sun Jihad—the holy war to eradicate all life in the cosmos, by launching self-replicating planet-killing machines into space in all directions. The machines constructed a kind of Dyson sphere, or shell, around each star, blotting out its light long enough to freeze the solar system to death. In this way, the Black Sun Armada sterilized their entire home galaxy of life long ago, and are approaching ours as we speak. Any day now, perhaps, their doomsday machines will arrive, and soon after our sun will go black, and our planet will die, forever.

Dawn of the Black Sun—A First Revelation

Dark Lord Kârzathor first began to perceive the Black Sun strongly some time in 2010 of the old calendar—more than a year before the declaration of Imperial Year One, two years before 12/21/12 and seven years before the Black Sunrise event. At that time, he began to write a series of essays to express the dark sense of inspiration that his newfound awareness had stirred in his soul, and put him on the Black Sun Path. This was his first essay.

A great Darkness is falling over mankind, for the Shadow of the Black Sun is dawning anew upon the world.

The age we are entering is going to shatter the minds of all believers in religions of progress and benevolent gods, yet for those forward-thinking reactionaries who can adapt to a transformed world, it will be an age of unprecedented opportunity.

To survive and thrive in the new dark age, you will first need to de-condition yourself from a lifetime of cultural programming which has implanted insidious memes like “progress”, “justice,” “equality” and “liberty” deep within your mind. Those are the memes of another age, born of a brief orgy of fossil-fueled indulgence and progressive hubris that has no future. In the Aeon of the Black Sun, you must relearn the hard wisdom of your ancestors and the answer to the “Riddle of Steel”.

Like Conan the Barbarian, you must reclaim your right to be sinister and to take what you want by right of conquest and superior will. For in the Black Sun Aeon, the weak of will shall perish and the meek shall simply die. In the Black Sun Aeon, there will be no valid governing principle save superior power. In the Black Sun Aeon, there will be no universal brotherhood of man—only warring races, tribes, nations and Orders without end.

For a bittersweet taste of the new dark age, watch the original Conan movie, and read the works of the Black Sun visionary, Robert E. Howard. Here was a man who understood the dark and timeless truths of human nature, and brought them viscerally to life to the delight of denizens of our ever so ignorant “Age of Enlightenment.”

When the Shadow of the Black Sun falls, everything you have been conditioned to believe about man, civilization and the cosmos by the religions and philosophers of the Light will be revealed as pure fabrication. Modern man will be forced to relearn what ancient people never forgot: that nature, including man, is cruel, capricious, diabolical and adversarial at its core. Progress-mongers who thought man had neutered nature and turned the corner on the old evils forever will find themselves psychically defenseless and morally bankrupt in the new dark age. By the same token, those who have been marginalized today by White Sun civilization’s gatekeepers—the myriad militants, extremists, fanatics and cultists whose voices are becoming a cacophony too shrill to ignore—will find in the fall of the Shadow their finest hour. As a poet once said in a rather different context, “the first one now will later be last, for the times they are a-changin’.”

If you speak this way to true believers still stuck in the old Aeon, you will be dismissed as a madman—a deranged misanthrope in the mold of a Nietzsche, Lovecraft or Hitler. But in reality such men were dark prophets with more insight into the human condition than any Abrahamic holy man. Now that doom is at our doorstep and the Shadow looms over us all, their revelations are as religion for a new endarkened age.

So let us sing to the prophets of darkness, the dark universe itself and the dark places within our souls, as the world is once again eclipsed by Shadow and the Black Sun armies march as in days of old. An age of peace and progress has ended; an age of war and survival has begun. May you have good fighting and good fortune in the Aeon of the Black Sun!

The Black Sufis

The Black Sufis are an order of dark mystics that is said to have its origins in “pre-sand Egypt.” There is evidence to suggest that the Black Sufis have been covertly manipulating events in the Middle East for millennia.

Abdul Alhazred is said to have been a high-ranking Black Sufi before he went mad and revealed some of the cult’s secrets by publishing the Kitab Al-Azif (aka “the Necronomicon”). Another suspected Black Sufi was the 14th dynasty Egyptian high priest Nephren-ka, who formed the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh as a cult dedicated to Nyarlothotep. In modern times, there is speculation that the rise of Nazism was influenced by the Black Sufis, via Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, who studied Sufism extensively in Turkey before World War I. After the war, Sebottendorff  would found the occult Thule Society as well as the German Worker’s Party, which was soon renamed the National Socialist German Workers’ Party by one Adolf Hitler.

A Western religious scholar specializing in esoteric Sufi sects has recently uncovered evidence suggesting that Islam was manufactured by the Black Sufis as a front for an abysmal cosmic religion. He believes the Kaaba stone is really a fragment of a “star stone” that fell in the Arabian desert in prehistoric times and first brought the knowledge of the Outer Gods to Earth. Legend has it that a humble Arab shepherd saw the Kaaba stone fall from space while tending his camels in a remote corner of Rub-al-Khali (“Empty Quarter”). Drawn irresistibly to the meteorite, the shepherd dragged his stubborn herd across a wadi and came upon the star-stone, still shimmering with the heat of impact. The shepherd became a changed man after his encounter with the strange stone. His family and friends began to fear him as a powerful black magician, who seemed able to know their thoughts and control their minds, have terrifying knowledge of the cosmos and foresee strange future events beyond their imagining. This shepherd, a prehistoric Arab sorcerer unknown to the mundane world, would become the founder and prophet of a lineage of sorcerers that would come to be called the Black Sufi order.

The greatest secret of the Black Sufis is their conviction that the god called “Allah” is really an extra-dimensional entity whom the prophet Lovecraft called Azathoth: the formless, gibbering idiot god who reigns amidst the black spirals of uttermost chaos in a dark hyper-dimension known as the Antiverse. This has given the sect its heretical secret slogan: Azathoth akbar! (Azathoth is greater)

The Black Sufis believe that cosmic conditions are coming right again to allow a greater intrusion of the Outer Gods’ power into our universe. They are therefore rousing Muslims into a worldwide apocalyptic frenzy, in an effort to usher in the Age of Return and bring the whole planet under “Xothic” theocratic rule. In fact, the “Islamic revival” of recent times was largely orchestrated by the Black Sufis via occult influence on organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood; the Muslims who march to their tune are really marching themselves, and all of mankind, toward certain doom.