The Rise of Black Sun Religion

The religions of this age are weak. They are as soft, toothless, delusional and degenerate as the people who follow them. The old faiths, of the ascetics, warriors, poets and mystics, have slowly succumbed to the diseases of the White Sun age and been conquered—by creeds like liberalism, materialism, hedonism, rationalism and moralism. Most of what pass for religions today are little more than ideological poisons, slowly sapping the vitality, strangling the spirit and enslaving the wills of their devotees. And the sickness is reflected in the very bodies of the congregants, who grow ever more fat, sickly and effeminate.

Under such wretched conditions, Black Sunnism must rise–among those whose souls are starved for stronger stuff, who refuse to lay down and die, who crave war and power and destruction as a means of awakening themselves and breaking the system that is killing them.

I predicted back in 2010 that 12/21/12 would not bring about a new age of light, peace and brotherhood as many “New Agers” were expecting, but an age of darkness, war and strife. I described this as the moment when the Black Sun would symbolically rise, and a new metaphysical regime—the “Black Sun Aeon”—would begin. And sure enough, in the intervening years we have seen the rise of “Black Sun Islam” in the form of ISIS—an apocalyptic cult who win young recruits across the world and inspire them to go on nihilistic killing sprees. But ISIS is just the most visible manifestation of the return of Black Sun religion; there has also been a resurgence of many other forms of militant, anti-liberal ideology, such as fascism, racialism, fundamentalist Hinduism, genocidal Zionism, Han National Socialism, Eurasianism, and even Satanism. All of these can be considered manifestations of the metaphysical phenomenon I am describing as the rise of Black Sunnism—a kind of “yin-yang” reaction to the imbalances and contradictions created by the White Sunnite liberal order.

Ultimately, Black Sunnism is a spirit that transcends particular forms such as ISIS or National Socialism. Wherever there is a lust for war, a worship of death, a hunger for destruction, a rejection of moralism and an embrace of the Shadow, and they are given a spiritual dimension, there is Black Sun religion. It arises because the problems created by White Sunnism cannot be solved from within that system; only a “polarity shift” and a vast crisis can unleash the dark forces that have been suppressed by the White Sunnite regime—forces that will solve the problems in the way it has been done throughout history: by the onset of a dark age of conflict, conquest, and collapse. As Black Sunnites, we are not partisans of any particular Black Sun religion or ideology; we view them from a larger metaphysical perspective and welcome them all.

The religions of the White Sun age have indeed grown weak, stagnant and ineffectual. And that is why Black Sun religions are once again rising to challenge them. For that is their metaphysical purpose: to “bring balance to the Force”; to play their role in the Two-Sun duality, so that stagnant forms may be destroyed and the world may continue to roll on its path of destruction toward the Void.

The Fourth Terrible Truth: The Gods are Hostile

{I have previously posted about the first three of the “Nine Maxims” of the Black Sun Path. But it is more accurate to call them the “Nine Terrible Truths” (“Grâz Burgûdik Chârgz”)–for that is what they are. I now continue where I left off, with the fourth Terrible Truth.}

This Terrible Truth expresses the strong sense every Black Sunnite has, that this world is not the work of a benevolent deity or Tao, but of hostile gods or forces that absolutely want us all dead.

We might describe this world as a prison, ruled over by a mad warden who torments, deludes and oppresses the inmates before putting them out of their misery. This is the ancient Gnostic philosophy taken to an extreme. But where the Gnostics believed in a “god above god” who could liberate us from the hostile god’s prison, Black Sunnites don’t believe such a being exists.

We might also describe this world as a “war universe”: a place where conflict is inherent and struggle for survival is unending; where life is by its nature an act of violence against nature, an assertion of its will over the world and a violation of cosmic equilibrium; where harmony with the universe is found only in death. We thus reject all preachers of peace, harmony and a day when lions will lay down with lambs. That world is not our world, and will never be.

To become a Black Sunnite, you must put aside all childish notions of salvation, goodness, gods of light and a peaceful or benevolent universe. You must learn to look this vast, hostile cosmos in the void and be unbowed. You must desire to shake your fist at the stars and shout: “damn you all to hell!” You must curse the gods, wish death upon them, then find your own salvation in the Way of the Black Sunnite, who finds reason enough to exist in his eternal war with all creation.

The Dark Age to Come

{ This is the conclusion of the Black Ninja Handbooka manual for Black Sunnites who choose to walk the Shadow Warrior path under the Black Sun. }

A Darkening World

The Dark Lords have foreseen that the Western world will soon enter a “Sengoku” (Warring States) period of its own, not so different from the one that raged across feudal Japan five hundred years ago. As in that era, this new Dark Age will feature rival warlords fighting over resources and territory, and bands of shadow warriors who fight for all sides amidst the chaos.

We are already seeing the rise of these shadow armies, such as the Islamic jihadists who wage transnational, terroristic wars against all enemies, and the special operations forces who hunt them across the globe. Corporations and politicians already employ armies of spies and dirty tricksters to get an edge over their rivals; soon this shall escalate to the use of assassins and saboteurs to out-and-out destroy them. Meanwhile, the increasingly desperate masses will form militias and gangs of their own and take matters into their own hands. Once more, therefore, the age of the shadow warrior is at hand.

The Dark Lords foresee that the future is going to be a very challenging place in general, more so than what modern people have come to expect or prepare for. It will be a world of many kinds of strife and struggle: wars of religion and resources, territory and tribe, terrorism, financial collapses, technological disasters, mass migrations, climate catastrophes and ecological holocausts. For the existing systems which have governed our lives and brought great wealth and stability are breaking down across the board, and soon, the chaos will accelerate. So the world will become a place of much greater danger, demanding a new mindset and a new breed of “blade-hearted” men who thrive in times of crisis.

But in every crisis there is opportunity, and in this new age of crisis, there will be great new opportunities. Those who thrive in such times are men with inner strength, who are not married to their material possessions and conveniences, who have a clan to support them, skills to serve them, courage to bolster them and a vision to inspire them. These are the qualities that the Ninja of old, who survived in an age of strife and struggle beyond what most of us can imagine, had in spades. These are also the qualities that the Black Ninja cultivate, so that they may not only survive in the perilous world to come, but become its new lords and masters. For history demonstrates that out of ages of chaos and strife come new orders; the tough peasants and warriors of one age become the mighty warlords and kings of the next, while the soft aristocrats of today finds themselves buried in the bloody fields of history. And so our kind may soon know their finest hour, if we are resolute in our training, united in our Brotherhood, mindful of our Maxims and always perceptive of the invisible flows of the Dark Tao.

The Ninja Revival

It is commonly believed that the historical Ninja are an extinct breed, or that the few surviving lineages will soon die along with their last Grandmasters. But this is only true if one takes a very literal view of the who the Ninjas were, are and can yet be. If you understand that Ninjas are an immortal archetype, that Ninjutsu is a timeless way of life, and Ninja lineages are transmissions of an eternal spirit, then you will not be dismayed by reports of the demise of the Ninja, or their degeneration into cartoon characters clowning for tourists in their ancient homeland.

For reasons just discussed, we believe the time is fast ripening for a revival of the true Way of the Ninja. We believe that the coming age of chaos will have little patience for the type of cartoonish characters who are called “Ninja” today, and that a more authentic, sinister shadow warrior will soon emerge that will be worthy of the name. This book is our contribution to this true Ninja Revival—an inspired vision, which by our thoughts, words and deeds, may become a reality. Now it is up to those who are inspired by this vision to take these thoughts and words and combine them with deeds that will make the Black Ninjas live again.

All hail the Black Ninja Brotherhood and the Dark Age to come!
Where everything shall be possible and nothing forbidden!
An age of peace and prosperity has ended, an age of war and survival has begun!
May you have good fighting and good fortune in the Aeon of the Black Sun!

The Black Knight

The Black Knight’s way is found in death. For the life is in death, and death is the gateway to Darkness.

The Black Knight has no place in heaven nor on earth–his destiny is in the Void.

The Black Knight dwells outside of time. He inhabits many bodies and lives through many lifetimes, an undying spirit existing beyond this mortal plane.

The Black Knight lives by his sword of will. With this blade he cuts through illusions and attachments to the White Sun-lit world; with this blade he takes life, and so gives it.

The Black Knight meditates on inevitable death daily, and every day without fail, considers himself as dead.

The Black Knight keeps his eye ever fixed upon the Black Sun–his eternal lodestar in a dark and doomed universe.

The Black Knight walks in the Shadow of the Black Sun, yet he fears no evil–for he is the evil.

The Black Knight asserts his rights by might alone; he expects no quarter and gives none.

The Black Knight wages war without end–upon White Sunnites, the world, and the very gods.

The Black Knight serves none but his Shadow-Lords–those whose souls dwell in the Void, calling him home.

The Black Sun Spirit

Black Sunnism is essentially a spirit, feeling or intuition, rather than a rational philosophy or creed. It is an expression of pure freedom and an assertion of dark truth against an onslaught of white lies.

The Black Sunnite is a being who simply says to those who would impose their White Sunnite ideals upon him: “Fuck you. It’s OK to embrace your Shadow; it’s OK to disbelieve; it’s OK to hate; it’s OK to kill and hate life; it’s OK to die and love death; it’s OK to know the world is doomed; it’s OK to deny the gods; it’s OK to reject creation; it’s OK to be amoral; it’s OK to seek power; it’s OK to walk under the Black Sun; it’s OK to burn down the world; everything is OK, because nothing really matters and the universe is doomed.”

I have briefly summarized the Black Sun spirit in nine maxims, of which I have previously written about three. This is an attempt to codify the Black Sunnite creed, while recognizing that this is always going to be inadequate, because “everything is a lie”, including this and every other attempt to reduce a feeling to a list of principles. Anyway, here are the Nine Maxims of the Black Sun Path as they currently stand:

  1. The world is dying.
  2. Everything is a lie.
  3. Might is right.
  4. The gods are hostile.
  5. The Black Sun is real.
  6. The Shadow is power.
  7. The Order is supreme.
  8. The life is in death.
  9. Darkness is our destiny.

I will expound on these further in a future post, and in the book I am currently working on. For now, I leave it to the reader to interpret them as you will.

A Brief History of the Order, Part I

The Beginning

The Order of the Black Sun was first conceived around 2010 of the old calendar, at a time when I, Lord Kârzathor, was undergoing an inner crisis and a dark awakening that I barely understood. All I knew was that the symbol of the Black Sun resonated with me in some deep, unconscious place and expressed something unexpressible–much as “God” does for many others, perhaps. I felt that my spiritual polarity had “flipped” in some fundamental way, and the Black Sun was as good a symbol of this inversion as I could find. So I pursued the idea of an esoteric order dedicated to the Black Sun–a spiritual group for those who had undergone a similar polarity shift–for about a year, researching the meaning of the symbolism, developing the vision and ideology, establishing a web site and attracting a few Acolytes. I identified 12/21/2012 as the date when the Black Sun would rise, coinciding with the Mayan prophecy of the “Fifth Sun”, and began planning a great ritual to mark that date.

Sith Academy

However, long before that date, in 2011, for whatever reason, I developed a powerful fascination with the “Sith” of Star Wars–the order of black-cloaked masters of the “Dark Side of the Force” who exuded such awesome dark style, energy and power. George Lucas had created something truly inspired in his Galaxy Far, Far Away, and I got caught up in a new vision of establishing a real Sith Order in this galaxy and making their Dark Side religion a reality. So I put the Order of the Black Sun on the back burner and spent the next several years developing Sith Academy: a web site and cult for the propagation of Sith ideology and the training of real Sith Acolytes, Apprentices and Dark Lords. It was quite a powerful experience, and I got fully into my role as “Darth Imperius”, the self-proclaimed “prophet” of Sithism in this universe, who had had a revelation and bridged the gap between the Galaxy Far, Far Away and our own, bringing a cult from the realm of fantasy into our universe. The project was greatly enhanced when I recruited fellow Black Sunnite, Lord Ravuk, known as “Darth Ravenus”, shortly after the founding of Sith Academy. Ravenus became the second of the “Ruling Two”, who led our Sith Order much as Darths Sidious and Vader had in Star Wars. He brought a gift for personal seduction and corruption that I lacked, and was the primary face of the Order from then on. People came to the Academy in a steady stream, similarly caught up in the fantasy, wanting desperately to be Sith Lords, LARPing from their basements, pledging allegiance to the Empire, waving their lightsabers and generally having a good time. At one point we had a rather amusing feud with a well-known online Jedi community that resulted in hack attacks by the peace-loving Jedi and the Academy being reported to the authorities as potential terrorists. 

But after about two years of this, I grew tired of the fantasy. The whole thing wasn’t serious enough; it was evidently a big live action role-playing game, which had no reality outside of the online world. There were no physical temples, no people meeting, no actual conquests in the real world. So at the peak of the Academy’s popularity, I suddenly announced to our members that the whole thing was made up, that I wasn’t a prophet, that I hadn’t been contacted by the last Sith Lord of the GFFA, and I didn’t really even believe in the Force. I suggested that the Sith should remake itself along more rational lines, more like a corporation of “dark geeks” than a cult of religious fanatics, and seek power and wealth in a more realistic way.

It was a devastating announcement; nearly everyone left the Academy in disappointment shortly thereafter. I had broken the magickal spell that we had created, and lost my hold upon the imaginations of our members. But I learned much about human psychology, and how easy it can be to create cults and indoctrinate people if one is forceful and creative. People want desperately to believe in somethingas Nietzsche put it, “to believe in nothing rather than have nothing to believe in”. So they are willing to be swept up in any fantasy if it makes them feel powerful and alive.

Since then, Sith Academy has been destroyed, lain dormant and re-created more than once. In its second incarnation, we built a real, physical temple, made youtube videos of our rituals there, published several books and kicked the project into overdrive. Acolytes quickly returned, seeking to be led back to their Star Wars fantasy world. It seems that we were the only faction, out of the entire Star Wars-related community, who ever came close to manifesting a real Sith Order or capturing the true dark nature and sinister spirit of the Sith. But the sad fact is that most of these would-be Sith were overweight, impotent, childish and altogether lacking in the kind of power potential that true Sith Lords crave. 

Looking back on it now, I realize that most of the criticism and mockery I received from “serious” people who looked at Sith Academy during that period was accurate. Even if Sithism contained many powerful ideas, packaging them in a meme that is forever associated with fantasy movies, children’s toys and t-shirts just isn’t going to attract many high quality people or be taken seriously as an esoteric order. The ability to sell our books and introduce our ideas to many young people who were expecting a Star Wars fantasy is rather subversive and still has value, but it can’t be the final form or the central project of my life. There is something more serious, original and dangerous at work here, which must be totally independent of George Lucas, Disney, and the latest cultural engineering schemes coming out of Hollywood.

I am still proud of the work I did at Sith Academy and may yet do in the future; the books The Path of Power and Masters of the Will contain some of the most powerful writing and ideas that I (with contributions from Lord Ravuk and others) have produced. The basic feelings that motivated the Sith project are totally legitimate and powerful. From my present viewpoint, they were early expressions of Black Sun consciousness; the “Dark Side of the Force” is another name for “emanations of the Black Sun”, or “Vril”; the Sith are a particularly fantastical and science-fictional vision of a Black Sunnite sect–the first of several Borzûmik (“Black Sunnish”) forms that I have explored since my original awakening. More on those in Part II…


Surviving White Sunnite Regimes

In every age there are outbreaks of White Sunnite fanaticism that threaten to suffocate the world in clouds of delusion, sickness, moralism and white light tyranny. We have seen the cults of monotheism, rationalism, democratism, communism, progressivism and other creeds attempt to impose their tyrannies of “good” upon societies for centuries. It is conceivable that a new form of White Sunnism could soon emerge that incorporates new technologies of propaganda and control to create Orwell’s proverbial “boot stamping on the human face forever”. Even if this does not occur, we know that the tenets of Black Sunnism are simply too harsh and disturbing for most societies to tolerate for long. Eventually, history shows that the elites and/or the masses are going to turn on our kind and make us into scapegoats, rather than face their own Shadows and admit the dark truths of Borzûm-Dûn.

What is the Order’s strategy to survive under White Sunnite regimes, subvert their control systems and thwart their priesthoods? Here are several stratagems we will employ.


The Founders designed the Order to be a secretive, discreet cult rather than a publicity-seeking cultural movement, precisely to avoid problems with White Sunnite backlash. Our creed is not for everyone, and doesn’t need to be known or followed by all. We do not subscribe to the ideals of openness, universalism and egalitarianism espoused by White Sunnites, and do not use their methods. Black Sunnites meet, communicate, train and operate discreetly. We transmit our dark truths to those who are worthy of them, and leave the rest to sleep in their White Sun dream-worlds. Here is a saying that summarizes our viewpoint on this matter:

Black Sunnites are the hidden followers of dark truths, not the open propagators of white lies.

Black Sunnites are sometimes called Vrâgum-Borchârgorz (“Hidden Dark Truthers”) for this reason. In a Black Sun-dominated universe, ruled by hostile forces and threatened by White Sunnite crusades, hidden is how we must be and shall remain.

Elite Initiation

The Order seeks to initiate the elites of White Sunnite society into Black Sunnism rather than recruit the masses. This is not only more discreet, it gains us powerful agents who can advance our interests from within the houses of our metaphysical opposition. The targeting of such elites is one of the dark arts of the advanced Black Sunnite, who is trained in many methods of personal persuasion, seduction and manipulation to advance our cause. Once an elite target has been fully exposed to our initiation process, he should give his allegiance fully to the Order and abandon any vestigial loyalties to his old ideals. Thus we pursue the “Illuminati methodology”: subversion from above; establishment of powerful cabals that operate outside the reach of the ruling system while exercising leverage over it. These cabals can then subtly promote the agenda of the Shadow Council, while sabotaging White Sunnite initiatives from within. In extreme cases, they may be called upon to incite wars and revolutions, crash economies or stage false-flag events to destabilize White Sunnite regimes.

Black Agents

The Order maintains a network of informants, operatives and recruiters who are non-Initiates, but are sympathizers with our cause. These are the Black Agents, or Borfâzâthk. Under White Sunnite regimes, they can reduce our risk of exposure and extend our reach by acting as extra eyes, ears and hands of the Order without being directly connected to us. A Black Agent might act as a courier, transmitting messages between Black Sunnites when direct communication is too risky. He might keep an eye out for hostile parties, tip us off to potential recruits, acquire necessary materials, spread rumors, create diversions, etc. He may do this work voluntarily, or as a paid mercenary, as the case may be.

One of the important skills of the Black Sunnite adept is the ability to recruit Black Agents wherever one goes, in such a way that one reveals little about one’s own involvement with the Order. The Black Sunnite must learn to recognize individuals who are shadow-minded, disgruntled, corruptible or otherwise inclined to Borzûmik ways. He may appeal to whatever meme or ideology is most appropriate to the situation. For example, if the target shows signs of being an occultist, present yourself as a learned black magician; if he is inclined to criminality, adopt the persona of a powerful gangster; if he is politically extreme, make it known that you represent a radical political faction; etc. Here again, skills of persuasion and manipulation, along with espionage and security, are vital to the Black Sunnite initiate and are taught from the outset.


The first task of the Order under a White Sunnite regime is to ensure its continuity. This means continuing to recruit Initiates, train Acolytes, and appoint Black Knights, Shadow-Lords and Black Emperors. It means the Shadow Council will continue to meet and make decrees, even if there are only a few members in a given era. It means adding to the Order’s lore and passing it down to the next in the chain of transmission. It means teaching Initiates the Black Tongue and speaking it among ourselves. It means conducting rites at Black Temples and training at Black Sanctums. The Order can continue to do all these things under even the most hostile White Sunnite regime, but we must be extra clever and discreet. If totalitarian technology is used to try to root us out and shut us down, we will harness our own technologies, “hack” the hostile systems or return to the time-tested methods of more primitive ages. If mobs are mobilized against us, we will mobilize our own counter-mobs or move out their way. If propaganda is used to demonize us, we will demonize the demonizers and deconstruct their propaganda. If our temples are attacked, we will defend them and build new, better-hidden ones. If all else fails, we will simply disappear into the shadows, using the methods of stealth at which we excel, where we will wait and work until the age changes and the environment becomes more hospitable to our kind.

Black Sunnites are patient, because we are an Order that thinks and operates across centuries and ages. The key in every age is to preserve our lineage, transmit our knowledge, train our wills, accumulate Vril and stay firm in our (dis)belief according to our Way. If we do this, nothing the White Sunnites throw at us can ever defeat us!

The Four Spiritual Castes

Black Sunnites divide human beings into four spiritual castes, based on their inner trajectory and destiny as it relates to the Black Sun. Study and know these four castes well, as they are central to the Black Sunnite ordering of society.

The Shadow-Blind (Kâmûd-Wikithk)

The first caste are the most mundane White Sunnites, who live their lives oblivious to the Black Sun’s power, and to its very existence. They orbit spiritually around the White Sun, blissfully unaware or willfully ignorant that there is a Shadow Sun drawing all life toward it, destroying them and devouring the universe. These beings are called the Kâmûd-Wikithk, or the Shadow-Blind.

In the Black Sunnite hierarchy, the Shadow-Blind are viewed with disdain, being little more than unawakened apes who lack all potential for Black Sunnite work. Because they are so numerous, we don’t generally bother them, preferring to avoid their kind as a wise wolf avoids the main body of the elk herd.

Passersby (Hânzurdyogâthk)

The second caste are those who, due to some inner crisis or dark awakening, approach the Black Sun briefly at some point in their lives. They pass by the secret star like a spacecraft passing near a planet, feeling its pull with fascination but moving on, their trajectory only temporarily altered. These are the Hânzurdyogâthk, or Passersby.

A Passerby might develop a morbid fascination with death, be tempted by “the Devil”, adopt a gothic aesthetic, dabble in dark occultism, become a coffee-shop nihilist or a “doomer”, join a militia or gang, or have suicidal or homicidal thoughts. These are common signs that the Black Sun has pulled them toward it and begun to exert its dark power upon their mind and soul.

Because Passersby show some inclination to Borzûmik ways, Black Sunnites may target them for recruitment into our society. Though they are usually only dabblers who soon return to White Sunnite ways, while they are in that phase they can sometimes be recruited as Black Agents and made use of. In some cases they can be guided deeper into the Shadow, becoming dedicated votaries of the Black Sun.

Orbiters (Zhikurâthk)

The third caste are those who are more profoundly attracted to the Black Sun, becoming drawn into a long-term orbit around it. We call these the Zhikurâthk, or Orbiters. Orbiters are permanently transformed beings, for their proximity to the Shadow Sun means they constantly feel its pull and perceive its Vril. They are the lay followers and lower-level Black Sunnite initiates, whose lives revolve around the Black Sun’s power in some way.

Orbiters are a rare breed, perhaps one in a hundred or rarer. They can be found in many guises—artist, religious devotee, soldier, philosopher, politician, criminal, businessman, terrorist, etc.—but they all have an inward dedication to a dark path and a dark power. Most in this caste aren’t consciously aware that they are beholden to the Black Sun; they may use some other name for their source of allegiance, such as “God”, “Satan” “Allah”, “death”, the “dark force in nature” or “power”, or simply follow their source instinctively without giving it a name.

To identify an Orbiter, look for one who has a focused life, an inner strength, and a certain disturbing or sinister nature. The ability to spot such beings takes experience and intuition; the more advanced you are in the caste hierarchy the more easily you will be able to spot them. Orbiters are not typically found among the wild criminals, drug addicts and dregs of society; in fact they are often upstanding and successful citizens who keep their dark allegiances very private. Our challenge as Black Sunnites is to locate such beings and recruit them into our Order, by awakening them to the true source and nature of their path. At the same time, we must groom our own Orbiters, in the form of Black Agents, Acolytes and Black Knights of the Order.

The Shadow-Bound (Kâmûd-Nârkithk)

The fourth caste are the rarest of beings: those who pass entirely into the the Black Sun, immersing themselves in its Shadow and leaving the White Sunnite world behind forever. These are the Shadow-Lords and the Black Emperor, who have made the Zambrân-Zath (“Lightless Realm”) their permanent abode and kingdom. We call those who have entered fully into the Shadow’s embrace the Kâmûd-Nârkithk—the Shadow-Bound.

The Shadow-Bound can be compared to denizens inside a black hole, from which nothing escapes and no light is emitted. They are trapped spiritually within the horizon of the Black Sun, with no hope of rescue and no way to communicate with those outside the sphere of pure Shadow. To study under a Shadow-Lord, one must enter the Black Sun oneself, becoming just as trapped in the lightless realm in the process. Thus the quest for Shadow-Lordship is a one-way journey into the spiritual Void—or into the realm of the living dead.

Few people will ever encounter a Shadow-Bound being; they are one in a million or more. At this stage of the Order’s development, we can count their number on the fingers of one hand with digits to spare. It seems that precious few have the commitment, the dark gift and the independent spirit necessary to complete the Black Sun Path and reach Shadow-Lordship in this age. But those who do will join the ruling caste of the Black Sun Order, to whom all other castes defer. Our highest task as an Order is to groom select beings to become future Shadow-Lords themselves, thus ensuring the continued survival and power of our Brotherhood.

The Path of Inner Destruction

{The following is an excerpt from “Book of the Black Sun”, a forthcoming book by the Dark Lords.}

Psychologically, the Black Sun Path is largely a process of cutting away the conditioning and propaganda that accumulate in the minds of every civilized person from birth; of deconstructing the disempowering memes that have been implanted in your mind by a culture that has a different agenda from our own; of immunizing yourself against the lies of a White Sunnite society that would enslave your will and reduce you to a sleeper and a slave. We call this process the Path of Inner Destruction (Dûn ur Zhamâtonûk). Here are six tools the Dark Lords have found most useful on their own paths of inner destruction, and made central to the Black Sunnite praxis.

Void Meditation (Dâr-Tazhâr)

Void meditation, or Dâr-tazhâr, is the meditation practice used by Black Sunnites to awaken Black Sun perception and the Shadow-Mind. It is similar to the Zen Buddhist practice of zazen, which is said to be the technique that led to the Buddha’s awakening.

In Dâr-tazhâr, one simply quiets the mind and follows the breath in an effort to experience pure Void awareness. Thoughts and perceptions are allowed to come and go without dwelling upon them; attention is always returned inward, to the breath. In our praxis, we may perform this meditation in the classic seated “lotus”, “half-lotus” or cross-legged position, or it may be done while walking, running, performing martial arts or any other simple activity.

The Dark Lords find Void meditation to be of great benefit in separating their beings from their thoughts, senses, habits and personalities—giving them enhanced awareness of and control over them. Void meditation deconditions the mind, allowing you to tune out the inner chatter of thoughts and urges that are constantly battling for your conscious attention. Void meditation gives you a foundation in unconditioned awareness, to realize that you are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not you. It also clarifies perceptions and disciplines the mind, which is beneficial when engaging in focused thought or activity of any kind. At a metaphysical level, Void meditation can peel away the illusory and fleeting perceptions of the White Sun-lit material world, revealing the fact that one is immersed in the deeper Void of the Dâr—the primordial Black Sun. For all these reasons, Dâr-tazhâr is the basic practice of all disciples of the Black Sun Path, and should be performed daily.

Psychedelic Drugs (Hûzbârukâth-Lûmz)

Psychedelic drugs, or hûzbârukâth-lûmz (mind-opener drugs), are the most dangerous candy you can take, because they decondition you from your culture’s values and cause you to start questioning the rules of the game. Under strong psychedelics, your entire subjective reality changes, and you begin to ask: which is real, the psychedelic state or the sober one? Your normal thought patterns are disrupted, your doors of perception are opened, and your mind becomes more susceptible to deprogramming and reprogramming. But don’t worry; psychedelics won’t turn you into some insipid preacher of peace and love if that is not your nature. In fact, psychedelics may be the fastest route to discovering your dark inner nature.

The Dark Lords know of no more powerful deconditioning experience than psychedelic drugs, but they caution against using them recklessly or recreationally. The proper use of these substances is the way they have been used for millennia throughout the world: by a special class of shamans and priests who take them under the guidance of masters, as a means of initiation and mystical awakening to the mysteries of existence which lie beyond the bounds of culture-bound reality. This is how we use them in our Order; disciples on the path to Dark Lordship may be expected to take psychedelics during special rituals as part of their initiation into the mysteries of the Black Sun and the Dark Universe.

Nature Immersion (Zhumor-Gyâdozât)

A straightforward method of deconstructing your cultural programming and experiencing the raw power of the Dark Tao is to step outside the world of human culture and immerse yourself in nature. In Borgâl, this practice is called zhumor-gyâdozât (“nature immersion”). Backpacking trips into the mountains are favored by the Dark Lords, but longer stays are even more powerful if you have the necessary survival skills. In nature, one becomes attuned to natural rhythms and energies which are difficult to convey to those who spend their entire lives in the artificial world of culture, jobs, laws, technology and mass media. When you find the domesticated ways of White Sunnite civilization sapping your power or deranging your mind, there is no better way to revitalize yourself than to step into the wilderness and tap into the raw Vril of billions of untamed beings engaged in the struggle for life and death.

Memetics (Hûzchorgazâr)

Memetics is the science of infectious ideas, symbols and behaviors called memes. When you plant a “mind virus” (hûzchorgaz) or “thought bomb” (hûzdârg) in someone’s head that drives them mad or alters their behavior, you are practicing memetics (hûzchorgazâr). Every Dark Lord is a memomancer (hûzchorgazâth), who uses memes to transform himself, other people and entire societies.

When you begin to think of your thoughts as infections, which use minds as carriers and have a life of their own, including a desire to grow and reproduce, you develop an objectivity toward them that is most empowering. Combined with the other tools of inner destruction discussed here, memetics becomes a tool for re-engineering your entire personality and the personalities of others. Note that memetics includes much of what is traditionally called “magick” or “sorcery”, which are mostly techniques of psychological manipulation via memes.

Logic (Kurzât-Kûm)

Logic consists of the laws of thought; in Borgâl we call it kurzât-kûm (“thought-law”). Black Sunnites may be driven by irrationality, intuition, passion or a type of faith, but we must also acknowledge the tremendous power of logical thought. When you must think consciously, you should use logic to avoid false conclusions, make good decisions and think clearly. There is an expression: that which can be destroyed by the truth should be, and logic is a most powerful tool for destroying untruths. The blade of logic cuts through much of the cruft of subjective existence, getting one closer to the dark truths about the nature of reality that no Borzûmik being can afford to deny.

Conflict (Kyotûk)

Conflict (kyotûk) is the means by which the Black Sunnite adept tests what he has learned, discards failed ideas and keeps himself from becoming complacent or “falling asleep” in a White Sunnite environment. Conflict is a reflection of the natural order, in which all life struggles endlessly for supremacy, and thereby renews itself and grows stronger. We fight because it is how we prove the power of our philosophy, our passion and our Path. We fight to test every idea on the field of battle, rather than accepting it at face value. Black Sunnites are not glorifiers of peace like the followers of White Sunnite creeds; we understand that war has a vital place in the scheme of things, and can be a most potent means of awakening latent abilities and spiritual power within oneself.

Together, the above six tools can be used to deconstruct any idea, dispel any delusion, immunize against any memetic virus, optimize one’s mental functioning and maximize one’s inner power. Use Void meditation to become aware of your memes, then use logic to decide which memes are beneficial (symbionts) and which are harmful (parasites or viruses). Use psychedelics to blow the doors of perception wide open and put yourself in touch with larger mythic streams of consciousness. Immerse yourself in nature to connect to the raw life energy and the Dark Tao of evolution. Use memetics as a way to think objectively about your own mental ecosystem and cultural programming. Use logic to decide which memes to implant, which to retain and which to reject. Use conflict as the final test, to determine which memes are fit enough to survive, and which must die.

Be warned, however: deconditioning using these tools of inner destruction is risky business! One not only risks one’s sanity, but one may begin to find conditioned existence within White Sunnite society difficult to bear, and start looking for a way out. This can mean becoming a hermit, a radical, a madman or a suicide, or some combination of these. But it can also mean becoming a prophet, a visionary, a man of power and an awakened being, so for Black Sunnite would-be Dark Lords the risks are necessary. The choice—whether or not to take these “red pills” and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, or to take the “blue pill” of conditioned existence and go back to sleep—is of course yours.

Excerpts from the Black Tongue Handbook

{ The following are a few excerpts from Black Tongue Handbook, available from Black Temple Publishing. }

Borgâl is the language of the Shadow.” —Dark Lord Kârzathor


Borgâl (“Black Tongue”) is the magickal language used by members of our Order—the Order of the Black Sun (Borzûm-Gâzûl)—to invoke Vril into themselves and command the external world. With this language, our Order shall rename all things in this world, thus imposing our thought-forms upon it and thereby conquering it. Borgâl shall also be our secret tongue, used to identify other members of our kind and separate ourselves from the White Sunnites and mundanes of this world. Those who choose to learn Borgâl are a self-selecting elite, founders of a new cult, heralds of a new order and propagators of a new magickal regime.

Black Tongue Handbook is an introduction to Borgâl for Acolytes and lay followers of our Order. The words and concepts contained herein should be studied and mastered by using them in conversation with other Black Sunnites, reciting the sayings and mantras in this book (and others you create), writing in the Hârzad script and completing the Acolyte Exercises. Practice makes powerful!

Note #1: Borgâl is not a complete language, but a partial work in progress. It is being revealed over time by myself, Dark Lord Ravuk and other Black Sunnites, and is therefore subject to revision and expansion at any time. This Handbook is a first edition to get disciples started speaking, writing and thinking in the language of the Black Sun Brotherhood. New editions will be forthcoming as more of the language is revealed.

Note #2: To begin your initiation into the Order, submit the exercises contained in the last chapter of this book as described.

Tone & Diction:

Borgâl is a language from the dark side of the mind, designed to express the dark or “Black Sunnish” nature of existence. As such, it should be spoken with a guttural, fierce, menacing tone and diction, not a soft, light, friendly one. As you practice speaking words of Borgâl, adopt the persona of a very sinister, nasty character; learn to use words as a tiger uses his growl or a wolf uses his howl: as a warning to others and an expression of your dangerous power.

Black Brotherhood Slogan

Those who follow the Black Sunnite ideology, speak Borgâl and give their allegiance to the Black Temple compose an alliance of sects and Dagz known as the Black Brotherhood. Every allied sect, while maintaining a distinct identity, should indicate its membership in the Brotherhood with the following Borgâzûl-Gromât (“Black Brotherhood Slogan”):

Gûm Kârzath, Gûm Gazûl
{ One Empire, One Brotherhood }

Allied sects should display this slogan in their zâkshod (temple) or dûnzun (dojo). Written vertically in Hârzad, it looks like this:

Gûm Kârzath, Gûm Gâzûl (“One Empire, One Brotherhood”)


Correspondence Courses

The Order of the Black Sun seeks select individuals who wish to learn and propagate the Black Sunnite philosophy, language, ideology and way of life—thus becoming the vanguard of the Shadow regime on earth. Becoming an initiated Borgâz (Black Brother) of the Order requires careful study of our books, completion of the exercises contained therein, application of their teachings in your life, and a powerful sense of Borzûmik inspiration. Our program of education and initiation begins with correspondence courses: sets of exercises to be completed and submitted from each book, followed by correction and feedback from the Dark Lords.

Once you have carefully read and studied the contents of this book, you may begin your initiation into the Order by completing the exercises below as instructed.

Acolyte Exercises

The exercises below are required by Initiates of the Order in order to demonstrate Acolyte-level proficiency in Borgâl. They should be typed, hand-written and recorded, attached to an email message and sent to The Dark Lords will reply with feedback about your work and provide direction for further Black Sunnite training and initiation. You may send the exercises individually rather than all 7 at once for more immediate feedback.

4. Translate the following six Hârzad sentences in two ways: first transcribe them into Borgâl written in the English alphabet, then translate them into English.