Sean the Sorcerer

I’m the founder of the OBS, Grand Master of the Obscurati and prophet of the Black Sun Aeon. My areas of interest include Chaos Sorcery, Word Wizardry, Demonology, Astrophysics, Nietzschean philosophy and Ninjutsu. My patron deity is Tezcatlipoca, the Aztec god of night, sorcery, strife and power.

Some of my metaphysical and ideological goals include:

  • Turning the sun as black as sackcloth and unleashing all of Hell’s demons in order to usher in the Apocalypse – aka the Black Sun Aeon.
  • Making OBS the ideological nexus of an empire of sorcerers, Satanists, vampires, Cthulhu cultists, Sith masters and other endarkened souls who will lord over this galaxy indefinitely.
  • Keeping alive the ancient rites of the Great Old Ones, watching the stars, and prophesying the holocaust of ecstasy and freedom which will mark their return.
  • Reviving human sacrifice and the cosmic religions of the ancient Aztecs, Mayans and Druids.
  • Opening portals into other dimensions through which extra-dimensional beings may enter, using Jack Parsons’ “Babalon Working” as a model.
  • Turning the future light cone into a tunnel of fire and thereby destroying the universe, spiting god, ending suffering forever and delivering all life to the eternal salvation of non-existence.

My personal blog is