Below  are some special terms used by Xothroni (Xoth cultists). The complete list of known R’lyehian words is available here.


kadishtun’ghft: endarkenment, dark gnosis

kadishtun’ghi: the Endarkened

nakadishtun’ghft: ignorance of the dark truth

nakadishtun’ghi: the unendarkened

shoggron: religion of darkness. May refer to Xothron or other endarkened religions such as cults of Satan, Kali, Tezcatlipoca, etc.

shuggoth: Native of Earth. Used by Cultists to refer to the unendarkened, similar to the way other religions use “goyim” or “infidel”.

Xoth: The homeworld of the Great Old Ones. Believed to be the place where the Outer Gods entered this ‘verse, in the Boötes void.

Xothhafh’drn: a sorcerer-priest of the Xothron

Xoth nog Azathoth: a mantra frequently chanted by Xoth cultists, which means “On Xoth Azathoth comes”.

Xothoth: Native of Xoth, such as the Great Old Ones. May also be used by Cultists to refer to themselves, and to all who are spiritually in Xoth.

Xothron: the Xoth cult

Xothroni: Xoth cultists



cosmicism: the philosophy of the prophet Lovecraft, who first grasped the true horror of our vast, entropic, incomprehensible cosmos, ruled by alien and indifferent gods.

endarkenment: the process of waking up to the horror of our cosmic condition and becoming aware of the Outer Gods.