Surviving White Sunnite Regimes

In every age there are outbreaks of White Sunnite fanaticism that threaten to suffocate the world in clouds of delusion, sickness, moralism and white light tyranny. We have seen the cults of monotheism, rationalism, democratism, communism, progressivism and other creeds attempt to impose their tyrannies of “good” upon societies for centuries. It is conceivable that a new form of White Sunnism could soon emerge that incorporates new technologies of propaganda and control to create Orwell's proverbial “boot stamping on the human face forever”. Even if this does not occur, we know that the tenets of Black Sunnism are simply too harsh and disturbing for most societies to tolerate for long. Eventually, history shows that the elites and/or the masses are going to turn on our kind and make us into…
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