One Empire, One Brotherhood

Black Sunnites are a loose brotherhood of sects, cells and clans known as Dagz, each of which maintains its independence, but agrees to share its knowledge, resources and give assistance to members of allied Dagz. Collectively, these Dagz form a secret society that takes the Black Sun as its Source and gives its allegiance to […]

Song of the Shadow-Bound (Thozât ur Kâmûd-Wikithk )

Âg Borûk chagâsh bân gâthûk Âg Borûk chagâsh mâzûk izil Âg mâzûk chagâsh gân gâthât Vû gâthât chagâsh mâzât izil Nâzg Borzûm-borchazâr Nûk gâth vrâzashk âg Dâr Nûk âsh Kâmûd-Nârkith Nûk âsh Gâthûk-Mâzith Borûk âshâl twâzûl Nûk âsh Borzûm-Gâzûl {In Darkness there is no life In Darkness there is only death In Death there is […]

Excerpts from the Black Tongue Handbook

{ The following are a few excerpts from Black Tongue Handbook, available from Black Temple Publishing. } “Borgâl is the language of the Shadow.” —Dark Lord Kârzathor Introduction Borgâl (“Black Tongue”) is the magickal language used by members of our Order—the Order of the Black Sun (Borzûm-Gâzûl)—to invoke Vril into themselves and command the external world. […]