Book of Amon


Know, O avatar of the Archfiend Asmodeus, Lord of Lust, that I, avatar of the Archfiend Amon, Lord of Wrath, have come! Together, may be bring our infernal dominion to this dead world, igniting soul-passion in the extinguished hearts of the uninflamed!

For I am the Wrathbringer, wielder of a soulfire forged in Hell, as are you, and all the Seven Avatars of the Infernal Archfiends! I will light a fire of fury that will spread from soul to soul, consuming all the world in its flames!

Know, O Lustbringer, that there shall be conflagrations, the likes of which this plane has never seen! There shall be a gathering of our Infernal minions, and an army shall be raised, and fires shall be lit, and demons shall be unleashed, and together we shall march across a world in flames and seize power! For only when this planet is consumed in Pandaemonium and unholy fire will its denizens know that a new age has come, a new order begun: the Infernal Imperium, Kingdom of Hell on Earth!


Hellfire is our inner flame; our force; our passion; our power. It is the fire of life in which we burn. Hellfire is the Inferno made manifest upon this plane. To be so inflamed is our greatest blessing, though the Extinguished may call it a curse.

To live the Infernal Way is to ignite this hellfire within your soul, and in the souls of others. It is an infectious flame we spread – an incendiary religion that will consume the world.

Sacred Arson

Fire is sacred to all Infernals, and the act of burning is a form of worship. For our kind, lighting uncontrolled fires symbolizes the eruption of hellfire into this plane.

Ritual Burnings

Infernals are known for their dramatic burning rituals: giant pentagrams in fields, synchronized fires on important dates, immolating the sacred symbols of the uninflamed (bible, Koran, cross, money, flags, etc.).


Infernal gatherings shall be called “Conflagrations”, for they shall be places where the collective hellfire of the congregation creates a blaze of passion, power and glory that grows ever larger.


Infernal cells shall be called “Pyres”, for they are groups of the Inflamed united for purpose of burning the corpse of extinguished ways and worldviews.