Memento Mori

 { Below are excerpts from Sith Academy: Dark Side Philosophy and Book of the Black Sun} Memento Mori The Dark Side disciple should keep certain symbols at hand—black suns, skulls, black robes, etc.—as reminders that he will die. Indeed, these symbols are a reminder that everything in existence—ourselves, our friends and families, our tribes, […]

One Empire, One Brotherhood

Black Sunnites are a loose brotherhood of sects, cells and clans known as Circles, each of which maintains its independence, but agrees to share its knowledge, resources and give assistance to members of allied Circles. Collectively, these Circles form a secret society that takes the Black Sun as its Source and gives its allegiance to […]

Sith Academy: Acolyte Training

Now available: Sith Academy: Acolyte Training This volume contains the first three books of training for Acolytes of Sith Academy: The Path of Power, Masters of the Will and Lords of the Force. Book One, The Path of Power, describes the events, revelations and ideas that initiated the Sith current on this planet, and invites […]

Seeing the Shadow World

Becoming a Black Sun Seer (Borzûm-Gurûzâth) means learning to unsee the light of the White Sun that blinds most beings to the existence of the formless, Shadow World. For the White Sunlight only illuminates forms (chanz)—those objects, ideas, words and social constructs we can conceive of, speak about and interact with. We say that the […]

The Return of Tezcatlipoca

{ The following was one my early posts after founding the Order back in 2010. I am re-posting it for historical interest, to check the evolution of my own thinking and to see whether it looks delusional or accurate today. It’s not hard to see how I moved to “Sith Academy” and began work on […]

The Secret of Magic

The secret of magic is the same, whether one is talking about the magic of metaphysics, cooking, or art. That is: to combine existing ideas, ingredients or elements into a new concoction that appeals powerfully to people of a particular time and place. Magic is not the creation of new ideas or ingredients, because there […]

A Weapon of Reality Destruction

The Black Sun is an intrusion from another reality; not from another universe, but an antiverse—a place opposed to and outside all universes accessible to our minds. By invoking the Black Sun in our meditations and rituals, we are opening a portal into this antiverse and creating a thoughtform singularity in our mental continuum. Like […]

Black Sunnite Motivation

What motivates a Black Sunnite? If the universe is doomed and nothing is true, why should you strive for anything during your brief and meaningless existence in your present incarnation? Why seek to join the Order of the Black Sun? Why strive for Shadow-Lordship? Why give your allegiance to the Black Emperor? Why learn to […]

Song of the Shadow-Bound (Thozât ur Kâmûd-Nârkithk)

Âg Borûk chagâsh bân zamûk Âg Borûk chagâsh mâzûk izil Âg mâzûk chagâsh gân gâthât Âg mâzûk chagâsh chârgûk izil Nâzg Kâmûd-borchazâr Nûk gâth vrâzashk âg Dâr Kâmûd-nârkum nûk âsh Gâthûn-mâzum Bor-Gâshk Nûk izh bân Mâlzûm-Thûl Mârd âg Zhamboragûl {In Darkness there is no light In Darkness there is only death In Death there is […]