About Us

This site is a portal into the world of the Black Sunnites—those who have left White Sunnite ways & worldviews behind to walk under the Shadow of the Black Sun. It is the online home of the Order of the Black Sun, which hereby supersedes and encompasses all other Orders, sects and ideologies propagated previously by its Founders.

More information about our vision will be contained in our forthcoming book: “Book of the Black Sun”, from Black Temple Publishing. In the meantime, aspiring Black Sunnites may read our blog and acquire Black Tongue Handbook to begin learning the language propagated by our Order.

Borzûm-râk âm chod! (Black Sun power to you!)

~Dark Lords Kârzathor and Ravuk, Founders of the Order



Gûm Kârzath, Gûm Gâzûl (“One Empire, One Order”)
Do you walk under the Shadow of the Black Sun?
Dark Lord Kârzathor in his Bor-Kyârtan (Black Sanctum)
Do you speak Borgâl? Can you write in Hârzad?
Chod mâzzug (you must die)!

{ I crave Vril; I see Vril; I have Vril; I am Vril }
Artist’s conception of a Borzâkshodor (Black Templar) making a ritual sacrifice to the Black Sun.