About Us

The Infernal Order is a priesthood dedicated to opening the gates of Hell and establishing the Infernal Imperium on Earth. Our religion is described in more detail below.

The Infernicon

The Infernicon is the “Infernal Bible”, which poetically describes the mythos, worldview and way of life of Infernals. The Infernicon may be compared to the Necronomicon, the Book of Revelation, the Satanic Bible, the Koran and a demonolator’s handbook.

Infernal Speech

Infernal Speech (“Vralgal”) is the liturgical and poetic language of the Infernal priesthood.

The Infernal Council

The cult is led by a high priesthood called the Infernal Council, whose members are believed to be avatars of various arch-demons of Hell. Each high priest takes the title “Khan”, symbolizing his sovereignty over some aspect of man’s infernal nature — e.g. Asmodeus Khan (lust), Abaddon Khan (destruction), Amon Khan (wrath), Baal Khan (war), Mammon Khan (greed), Molok Khan (sacrifice) and Adramalek Khan (fire).

The Infernal Way

The Infernal Way is the spiritual path followed by Infernals. It has five primary pillars:

  • Declare one’s allegiance to the Infernal Powers
  • Daily infernal invocations, meditations & yogas
  • Ritual burnings (sacrifice, arson, effigies) on important dates of the Infernal calendar
  • Monthly tributes to the Infernal Order
  • Pilgrimage to the Infernal City at least one in a lifetime

Hellfire has esoteric meaning for Infernals, similar to “chi” for Taoists, “shakti” for Hindus or “mana” for Polynesians. It is our inner flame, our passion and our power. It is the fire of life in which we burn. Hellfire is the Inferno made manifest upon this plane. To be so inflamed is our greatest blessing, though the Extinguished may call it a curse. To convert to the Infernal Way is to ignite this hellfire within your soul, and in the souls of others. It is an infectious flame we spread – an incendiary religion that is destined to consume the world.

Sacred Arson

Fire is sacred to all Infernals, and the act of burning is a form of worship. For our kind, lighting uncontrolled fires symbolizes the eruption of hellfire into this plane.

Ritual Burnings

These include burning giant pentagrams in fields, synchronized fires on important dates, burning the sacred symbols of the Extinguished (bible, Koran, cross, money, flags, etc.)


Infernal gatherings are called “Conflagrations”, for they are places where the collective hellfire of the congregation creates a blaze of passion, power and glory that grows ever larger.


Infernal cells are called “Pyres”, for they are groups of the Inflamed united for the purpose of burning the corpse of mundane ways and worldviews.

The Infernal City

infernalcity1The Infernal City is the seat of power of the Kingdom of Hell on Earth, and the symbolic gateway to the Infernal realm. All Infernals are expected to make a pilgrimage to the Infernal City to pay their respects to the Hierarchy of powers and principalities upon this plane.

The Infernium

The main metaphysical goal of Infernals is to overthrow the reign of Yahweh upon this plane, destroy his creations, unleash pandaemonium and bring the world under the dominion of the demon-lords of Hell. When the Infernal State is fully established, it will be the greatest empire yet seen upon this earth — surpassing Rome in grandeur, the Caliphates in fervor and the Mongols in ferocity. The Infernal Imperium will be a true New World Order, encompassing all peoples, lands and nations of this planet. This New Order will be called The Infernium — the Kingdom of Hell on Earth.