The Black Knight

The Black Knight’s way is found in death. For the life is in death, and death is the gateway to Darkness. The Black Knight has no place in heaven nor on earth–his destiny is in the Void. The Black Knight dwells outside of time. He inhabits many bodies and lives through many lifetimes, an undying […]

The Black Sun Spirit

Black Sunnism is essentially a spirit, feeling or intuition, rather than a rational philosophy or creed. It is an expression of pure freedom and an assertion of dark truth against an onslaught of white lies. The Black Sunnite is a being who simply says to those who would impose their White Sunnite ideals upon him: […]

A Brief History of the Order, Part I

The Beginning The Order of the Black Sun was first conceived around 2010 of the old calendar, at a time when I, Lord Kârzathor, was undergoing an inner crisis and a dark awakening that I barely understood. All I knew was that the symbol of the Black Sun resonated with me in some deep, unconscious […]

Surviving White Sunnite Regimes

In every age there are outbreaks of White Sunnite fanaticism that threaten to suffocate the world in clouds of delusion, sickness, moralism and white light tyranny. We have seen the cults of monotheism, rationalism, democratism, communism, progressivism and other creeds attempt to impose their tyrannies of “good” upon societies for centuries. It is conceivable that […]

The Four Spiritual Castes

Black Sunnites divide human beings into four spiritual castes, based on their inner trajectory and destiny as it relates to the Black Sun. Study and know these four castes well, as they are central to the Black Sunnite ordering of society. The Shadow-Blind (Kâmûd-Wikithk) The first caste are the most mundane White Sunnites, who live […]

The Path of Inner Destruction

{The following is an excerpt from “Book of the Black Sun”, a forthcoming book by the Dark Lords.} Psychologically, the Black Sun Path is largely a process of cutting away the conditioning and propaganda that accumulate in the minds of every civilized person from birth; of deconstructing the disempowering memes that have been implanted in […]

Excerpts from the Black Tongue Handbook

{ The following are a few excerpts from Black Tongue Handbook, available from Black Temple Publishing. } “Borgâl is the language of the Shadow.” —Dark Lord Kârzathor Introduction Borgâl (“Black Tongue”) is the magickal language used by members of our Order—the Order of the Black Sun (Borzûm-Gâzûl)—to invoke Vril into themselves and command the external world. […]

The Legend of the Black Sun Scroll

{ This story was published in Black Ninja Handbook—a manual for Black Sunnites who choose to walk the Ninja or Shadow Warrior path under the Black Sun. } In modern times, many important historical Ninjutsu scrolls have come out of the shadows of private family collections and been made available to scholars or published in […]

Two-Sun Philosophy

The Dark Lords of the Order of the Black Sun hold to a worldview they call Vorzûm-Zovrâd (Two-Sun Philosophy). According to this philosophy, there are two primary metaphysical “Suns”―the Black Sun (Borzûm) and the White Sun (Mâlzûm)―which influence the human Will and guide our destinies. The Black Sun is the source of Borvril―the “dark energy” […]

The Nine Maxims of Borzûm-Dûn, Part 1

The Nine Maxims of Borzûm-Dûn—the Black Sun Path—form the basic creed of all Black Sunnites. They are the guiding principles that every member of the Order should internalize and live by. In this post we discuss the first three Maxims: Remember that this world and everything in it will die. Know that nothing is true […]