The Force is Fire

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{This is an excerpt from our forthcoming book, “Sith Academy: Lords of the Force”.}

The Force is an invisible inner fire that burns beneath the perceptions of the mundane. In the most powerful beings, it becomes a raging inferno that cannot be contained; it pours forth in great acts of fiery destruction of entire orders or blazing forgings of new ones. In ordinary beings, the Force is a slow burn that generates the energy necessary to live, without causing undue harm to others. In weak beings, the Force is a flickering ember that can barely generate enough psychic heat to survive in a cold world. And when this ember finally burns out, every being joins the legions of the dead in the Forceless Void.

Every Sith Lord is a spiritual arsonist, who lights Force fires that may grow into great conflagrations that burn down the world. The art of accumulating power the Sith way is learning to gather the fuel for these great conflagrations in secret, stacking up the wood and stoking the hidden flames until they are ready to be unleashed upon the world. This fuel-gathering may take the form of physical training, mental training, writing books and journals, creating symbols and art, making weapons, artifacts and clothing, building temples, performing rituals, seducing others, etc. Each of these activities adds fuel to our fire, which will be called upon to ignite the great Force eruption that will mark our ascent to power. This was the fire spoken of in our visions by the great conqueror to come, Darth Siluzon:

“The Dark Lords of the Sith were inflamed when my Force fire was unleashed upon this Earth, burning away false hopes, destitute dreams and meager destinies. And the Sith would prove victorious, declaring ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ to be the maxim of men of the light, its time now at an end. In its place we raised the banner of ‘Power is our passion’ as the motto of the new age. We stood up to the men of light as lustful Sith Masters of the Universe and declared: I stand with my Sith Lords at my side, ready to fight you; ready to prove our right to rule; ready to conquer all that is weak; ready to fuel my soul with my burning lust for power. And so, victory was soon ours…” (from Sith Academy: The Path of Power)

And when the existing order has been burned to the ground, the great Sith Lord becomes a worldsmith, forging great works in the furnaces of his Force-heightened mind, then manifesting them in the world of matter. The great temples, starships, armies and empires that burn in our Force visions will pour out of our imaginations and the pages of our books, burning themselves straight onto the crucible of history.

Like fire, the Force is a both a destroyer and a creator. The fire that burns down a forest also clears away the old growth so that new life may prosper. The flame that melts raw iron allows it to be forged into stronger and more refined steel. The Force is a revitalizing fire that erupts out of the Black Sun, enters our thoughts through the burning minds of the Dark Lords, spreads from being to being and consumes the world.