The Return of Tezcatlipoca

{ The following was one my early posts after founding the Order back in 2010. I am re-posting it for historical interest, to check the evolution of my own thinking and to see whether it looks delusional or accurate today. It’s not hard to see how I moved to “Sith Academy” and began work on that “empire of black sorcerers” shortly after this was written. In retrospect, the prediction that 12/21/2012 would bring a new Black Sun age of strife and darkness looks increasingly accurate to me, but it remains to be seen whether Tezcatlipoca will return in his old form or in some other mask. }

Today I’d like to offer my latest epiphany to fellow travelers in the Way of the Shadow, which is simply this: Tezcatlipoca is returning!

What fresh insanity is this? It’s simple really; I have identified the source of both my dark inspiration and the larger currents of chaos in the world with the same entity: the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca, one of the myriad avatars of the Black Sun which appear throughout recorded history.

I would be interested in hearing from psychoanalysts on this matter, because I suspect that what is happening to me and many others is closely analogous to Carl Jung’s observation in the 1930’s of the appearance of the Norse war god Wotan in the dreams of his patients. As whole regions of Mexico succumb to brutal organized violence and strife, and the chaos surges over its northern borders with destabilizing effects, I would speculate that we are witnessing a similar manifestation of Tezcatlicopa in the minds of modern Mesoamericans. How this spirit could possess me, a gringo a thousand miles to the north, is anyone’s guess, but perhaps like Henry Anthony Wilcox I am unusually sensitive to the cosmic machinations of the dark gods. In any case, I believe the chaos of Tezcatlipoca’s reign is coming to us all.

Who is Tezcatlicopa? Per Wikipedia, he is the Aztec god of sorcery, strife, chaos, war, rulership and darkness, the embodiment of “change through conflict” – precisely the things with which I am obsessed, and which have inspired me to create this cult.

“Change through conflict”, or “progress through conflict” – this is a succinct way of stating Howard Bloom’s “Lucifer Principle,” but it could just as well be called the “Tezcatlipoca Principle.” Consider, for example, the great era of post-World War II prosperity that is now ending with a resounding crash, all the technological innovations, the optimism, the relatively stable and peaceful world order, the founding of Israel – all things which disciples of Tezcatlicopa’s arch-enemy, Quetzalcoatl, identify with progress. Would any of these developments have been possible if the world had not been roused from its Great Depression by the dark energies unleashed during the last great outbreak of Black Sun consciousness, in the 1930’s, under the banners of the fascists and the imperialists? I think not.

This is the eternal power of the Black Sun: whenever man or any other species becomes steeped in the light of the White Sun, and thereby becomes weak, complacent, merciful and “good,” the black light manifests in force and seeks to overthrow them. The Western mind, blinded by the white light teachings of Judaism, Christianity and the religion of progress, has great difficulty accepting this duality except in terms of “good” and “evil.” But what is good? According to Christ, it is meekness, mercy and subservience to God’s will. According to Nietzsche, it is all that heightens the feeling of power, the will to power, power itself in man. Which prophet do you prefer? In which sun’s light do you choose to walk?

Beyond all shallow politics, philosophy and psychology, I believe this question determines the nature of a man and his society. It is an eternal cosmic struggle, which the Aztecs personified in the struggle between Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, the Egyptians in Osiris and Set, the Christians in God and Lucifer, the Nazis in the Jews and the Aryans, and so forth.

This conflict is reflected in the internal struggle within each of us, between what Jung called the self and the shadow, or the Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde of our cerebral and reptilian brains. I am reminded of an episode of Star Trek, in which Captain Kirk’s personality is split between two bodies: one, a hyper-aggressive, id-driven psychopath, the other a meek and ineffectual pacifist. The moral of the story was that without both selves, he was incomplete and impotent.

OBS is my celebration of the power of the shadow self. I manifest the spirit of Tezcatlipoca for all to see and fear, because like evil Kirk I am filled with nothing but contempt for the weakness and wretched white light spirituality that surrounds me. I choose to walk in the Shadow of the Black Sun and to build an empire of black sorcerers as a challenge to this age and to myself, to seek ever greater heights, to live by Nietzsche’s aphorism “man needs what is most evil in him for what is best in him,” and to sacrifice all who oppose my power upon blood-stained altars to the Black Sun.

The Tortuguero prophecy of the Mayans speaks of the return of a god of war, conflict and the underworld at the end of the 13th b’ak’tun, and I believe this to be accurate. December 21, 2012 is therefore a day of great symbolic significance for our Order: It will be the day the white Fifth Sun falls, the black Sixth Sun rises and Tezcatlipoca returns!