A Weapon of Reality Destruction

The Black Sun is an intrusion from another reality; not from another universe, but an antiverse—a place opposed to and outside all universes accessible to our minds. By invoking the Black Sun in our meditations and rituals, we are opening a portal into this antiverse and creating a thoughtform singularity in our mental continuum. Like a black hole, which is a physical singularity in the fabric of spacetime that devours matter and energy but emits none, the Black Sun is a psychic singularity in the fabric of our collective consciousness that devours our mental constructs and completely erodes our shared reality. In short, the Black Sun is a weapon of reality destruction.

A close encounter with the Black Sun is thus a test; a shock; a crucible; a voyage into the vortex that is draining the sea of your mind; a fall into the metaphysical black hole that is swallowing up your inner space. If what we perceive as reality is compared to a screen in a movie theater, then the Black Sun appears like the black spot on the screen when a malfunctioning projector bulb burns through the film, devouring the images, ending the movie, breaking the illusion and leaving the audience confused and disturbed. The Black Sun is not only the end of the movie, it is the end of the projector, the theater, and the audience itself. The Black Sun destroys the entire apparatus that creates consensus reality, revealing it all to be an elaborate illusion.