Black Sunnite Motivation

What motivates a Black Sunnite? If the universe is doomed and nothing is true, why should you strive for anything during your brief and meaningless existence in your present incarnation? Why seek to join the Order of the Black Sun? Why strive for Shadow-Lordship? Why give your allegiance to the Black Emperor? Why learn to speak Borgâl? Why recruit and train others? Why preserve the lineage and lore of the Order? In fact, why not simply take your own life, end the pointless exercise of existence and pass directly into the Void right now?

These are critical questions; surely among the most important for anyone considering the Black Sun Path. The best answers are not contained within the pages of this book, nor in any collection of words we can offer. They are to be found on the field of experience among Black Sunnite society and in the consciousness of your own awakened Shadow-mind. We are not here to sell you on Black Sunnism with pretty words, but to lay out a Path so that you may take the first steps and decide if it draws you in.

Having said that, we will offer the following list of reasons that members of the Order (including ourselves) have expressed for becoming part of this current:

  • Black Sun spirit: the Black Sun symbol and the spirit behind it call to them in some ineffable but powerful way.

  • Power-craving: the “might is right” ethos and the promise of rank within the Order appeal to their hunger for power.

  • Artistic appeal: the dark aesthetics of Black Sunnism are attractive and inspiring.

  • Appetite for destruction: death, destruction and darkness are appealing activities and objects of interest.

  • Warrior mentality: the warrior mindset, strength and discipline of the Black Knights appeals to their natures.

  • Hatred of White Sunnism: a revulsion for White Sunnite ideals, individuals and culture drives them to seek something totally opposed to those things.

  • Philosophical persuasion: the Terrible Truths of Black Sunnism persuade their intellects and agree with their perceptions of reality.

  • Shadow-mindedness: the Black Sunnite cultivation of Shadow-mind appeals to their need to explore and harness their own inner darkness.

  • Void-awareness: the perception of the world as a fleeting and illusory emanation within a deeper Void agrees with their perceptions.

  • Occult intrigue: becoming part of an occult Order of “hidden followers of dark truths” intrigues them.

There are other motivations we could list, but these should be enough to give the prospective Black Sunnite much food for thought. As already stated, the motivations that matter most will not come from any collection of words, but from your own experience of the world and inner life as they relate to initiation into the Black Sunnite Order.