The Fourth Terrible Truth: The Gods are Hostile

{I have previously posted about the first three of the “Nine Maxims” of the Black Sun Path. But it is more accurate to call them the “Nine Terrible Truths” (“Grâz Burgûdik Chârgz”)–for that is what they are. I now continue where I left off, with the fourth Terrible Truth.}

This Terrible Truth expresses the strong sense every Black Sunnite has, that this world is not the work of a benevolent deity or Tao, but of hostile gods or forces that absolutely want us all dead.

We might describe this world as a prison, ruled over by a mad warden who torments, deludes and oppresses the inmates before putting them out of their misery. This is the ancient Gnostic philosophy taken to an extreme. But where the Gnostics believed in a “god above god” who could liberate us from the hostile god’s prison, Black Sunnites don’t believe such a being exists.

We might also describe this world as a “war universe”: a place where conflict is inherent and struggle for survival is unending; where life is by its nature an act of violence against nature, an assertion of its will over the world and a violation of cosmic equilibrium; where harmony with the universe is found only in death. We thus reject all preachers of peace, harmony and a day when lions will lay down with lambs. That world is not our world, and will never be.

To become a Black Sunnite, you must put aside all childish notions of salvation, goodness, gods of light and a peaceful or benevolent universe. You must learn to look this vast, hostile cosmos in the void and be unbowed. You must desire to shake your fist at the stars and shout: “damn you all to hell!” You must curse the gods, wish death upon them, then find your own salvation in the Way of the Black Sunnite, who finds reason enough to exist in his eternal war with all creation.