The Dark Age to Come

{ This is the conclusion of the Black Ninja Handbooka manual for Black Sunnites who choose to walk the Shadow Warrior path under the Black Sun. }

A Darkening World

The Dark Lords have foreseen that the Western world will soon enter a “Sengoku” (Warring States) period of its own, not so different from the one that raged across feudal Japan five hundred years ago. As in that era, this new Dark Age will feature rival warlords fighting over resources and territory, and bands of shadow warriors who fight for all sides amidst the chaos.

We are already seeing the rise of these shadow armies, such as the Islamic jihadists who wage transnational, terroristic wars against all enemies, and the special operations forces who hunt them across the globe. Corporations and politicians already employ armies of spies and dirty tricksters to get an edge over their rivals; soon this shall escalate to the use of assassins and saboteurs to out-and-out destroy them. Meanwhile, the increasingly desperate masses will form militias and gangs of their own and take matters into their own hands. Once more, therefore, the age of the shadow warrior is at hand.

The Dark Lords foresee that the future is going to be a very challenging place in general, more so than what modern people have come to expect or prepare for. It will be a world of many kinds of strife and struggle: wars of religion and resources, territory and tribe, terrorism, financial collapses, technological disasters, mass migrations, climate catastrophes and ecological holocausts. For the existing systems which have governed our lives and brought great wealth and stability are breaking down across the board, and soon, the chaos will accelerate. So the world will become a place of much greater danger, demanding a new mindset and a new breed of “blade-hearted” men who thrive in times of crisis.

But in every crisis there is opportunity, and in this new age of crisis, there will be great new opportunities. Those who thrive in such times are men with inner strength, who are not married to their material possessions and conveniences, who have a clan to support them, skills to serve them, courage to bolster them and a vision to inspire them. These are the qualities that the Ninja of old, who survived in an age of strife and struggle beyond what most of us can imagine, had in spades. These are also the qualities that the Black Ninja cultivate, so that they may not only survive in the perilous world to come, but become its new lords and masters. For history demonstrates that out of ages of chaos and strife come new orders; the tough peasants and warriors of one age become the mighty warlords and kings of the next, while the soft aristocrats of today finds themselves buried in the bloody fields of history. And so our kind may soon know their finest hour, if we are resolute in our training, united in our Brotherhood, mindful of our Maxims and always perceptive of the invisible flows of the Dark Tao.

The Ninja Revival

It is commonly believed that the historical Ninja are an extinct breed, or that the few surviving lineages will soon die along with their last Grandmasters. But this is only true if one takes a very literal view of the who the Ninjas were, are and can yet be. If you understand that Ninjas are an immortal archetype, that Ninjutsu is a timeless way of life, and Ninja lineages are transmissions of an eternal spirit, then you will not be dismayed by reports of the demise of the Ninja, or their degeneration into cartoon characters clowning for tourists in their ancient homeland.

For reasons just discussed, we believe the time is fast ripening for a revival of the true Way of the Ninja. We believe that the coming age of chaos will have little patience for the type of cartoonish characters who are called “Ninja” today, and that a more authentic, sinister shadow warrior will soon emerge that will be worthy of the name. This book is our contribution to this true Ninja Revival—an inspired vision, which by our thoughts, words and deeds, may become a reality. Now it is up to those who are inspired by this vision to take these thoughts and words and combine them with deeds that will make the Black Ninjas live again.

All hail the Black Ninja Brotherhood and the Dark Age to come!
Where everything shall be possible and nothing forbidden!
An age of peace and prosperity has ended, an age of war and survival has begun!
May you have good fighting and good fortune in the Aeon of the Black Sun!