The Black Knight

The Black Knight’s way is found in death. For the life is in death, and death is the gateway to Darkness.

The Black Knight has no place in heaven nor on earth–his destiny is in the Void.

The Black Knight dwells outside of time. He inhabits many bodies and lives through many lifetimes, an undying spirit existing beyond this mortal plane.

The Black Knight lives by his sword of will. With this blade he cuts through illusions and attachments to the White Sun-lit world; with this blade he takes life, and so gives it.

The Black Knight meditates on inevitable death daily, and every day without fail, considers himself as dead.

The Black Knight keeps his eye ever fixed upon the Black Sun–his eternal lodestar in a dark and doomed universe.

The Black Knight walks in the Shadow of the Black Sun, yet he fears no evil–for he is the evil.

The Black Knight asserts his rights by might alone; he expects no quarter and gives none.

The Black Knight wages war without end–upon White Sunnites, the world, and the very gods.

The Black Knight serves none but his Shadow-Lords–those whose souls dwell in the Void, calling him home.