The Black Sun Spirit

Black Sunnism is essentially a spirit, feeling or intuition, rather than a rational philosophy or creed. It is an expression of pure freedom and an assertion of dark truth against an onslaught of white lies.

The Black Sunnite is a being who simply says to those who would impose their White Sunnite ideals upon him: “Fuck you. It’s OK to embrace your Shadow; it’s OK to disbelieve; it’s OK to hate; it’s OK to kill and hate life; it’s OK to die and love death; it’s OK to know the world is doomed; it’s OK to deny the gods; it’s OK to reject creation; it’s OK to be amoral; it’s OK to seek power; it’s OK to walk under the Black Sun; it’s OK to burn down the world; everything is OK, because nothing really matters and the universe is doomed.”

I have briefly summarized the Black Sun spirit in nine maxims, of which I have previously written about three. This is an attempt to codify the Black Sunnite creed, while recognizing that this is always going to be inadequate, because “everything is a lie”, including this and every other attempt to reduce a feeling to a list of principles. Anyway, here are the Nine Maxims of the Black Sun Path as they currently stand:

  1. The world is dying.
  2. Everything is a lie.
  3. Might is right.
  4. The gods are hostile.
  5. The Black Sun is real.
  6. The Shadow is power.
  7. The Order is supreme.
  8. The life is in death.
  9. Darkness is our destiny.

I will expound on these further in a future post, and in the book I am currently working on. For now, I leave it to the reader to interpret them as you will.