A Brief History of the Order, Part I

The Beginning

The Order of the Black Sun was first conceived around 2010 of the old calendar, at a time when I, Lord Kârzathor, was undergoing an inner crisis and a dark awakening that I barely understood. All I knew was that the symbol of the Black Sun resonated with me in some deep, unconscious place and expressed something unexpressible–much as “God” does for many others, perhaps. I felt that my spiritual polarity had “flipped” in some fundamental way, and the Black Sun was as good a symbol of this inversion as I could find. So I pursued the idea of an esoteric order dedicated to the Black Sun–a spiritual group for those who had undergone a similar polarity shift–for about a year, researching the meaning of the symbolism, developing the vision and ideology, establishing a web site and attracting a few Acolytes. I identified 12/21/2012 as the date when the Black Sun would rise, coinciding with the Mayan prophecy of the “Fifth Sun”, and began planning a great ritual to mark that date.

Sith Academy

However, long before that date, in 2011, for whatever reason, I developed a powerful fascination with the “Sith” of Star Wars–the order of black-cloaked masters of the “Dark Side of the Force” who exuded such awesome dark style, energy and power. George Lucas had created something truly inspired in his Galaxy Far, Far Away, and I got caught up in a new vision of establishing a real Sith Order in this galaxy and making their Dark Side religion a reality. So I put the Order of the Black Sun on the back burner and spent the next several years developing Sith Academy: a web site and cult for the propagation of Sith ideology and the training of real Sith Acolytes, Apprentices and Dark Lords. It was quite a powerful experience, and I got fully into my role as “Darth Imperius”, the self-proclaimed “prophet” of Sithism in this universe, who had had a revelation and bridged the gap between the Galaxy Far, Far Away and our own, bringing a cult from the realm of fantasy into our universe. The project was greatly enhanced when I recruited fellow Black Sunnite, Lord Ravuk, known as “Darth Ravenus”, shortly after the founding of Sith Academy. Ravenus became the second of the “Ruling Two”, who led our Sith Order much as Darths Sidious and Vader had in Star Wars. He brought a gift for personal seduction and corruption that I lacked, and was the primary face of the Order from then on. People came to the Academy in a steady stream, similarly caught up in the fantasy, wanting desperately to be Sith Lords, LARPing from their basements, pledging allegiance to the Empire, waving their lightsabers and generally having a good time. At one point we had a rather amusing feud with a well-known online Jedi community that resulted in hack attacks by the peace-loving Jedi and the Academy being reported to the authorities as potential terrorists. 

But after about two years of this, I grew tired of the fantasy. The whole thing wasn’t serious enough; it was evidently a big live action role-playing game, which had no reality outside of the online world. There were no physical temples, no people meeting, no actual conquests in the real world. So at the peak of the Academy’s popularity, I suddenly announced to our members that the whole thing was made up, that I wasn’t a prophet, that I hadn’t been contacted by the last Sith Lord of the GFFA, and I didn’t really even believe in the Force. I suggested that the Sith should remake itself along more rational lines, more like a corporation of “dark geeks” than a cult of religious fanatics, and seek power and wealth in a more realistic way.

It was a devastating announcement; nearly everyone left the Academy in disappointment shortly thereafter. I had broken the magickal spell that we had created, and lost my hold upon the imaginations of our members. But I learned much about human psychology, and how easy it can be to create cults and indoctrinate people if one is forceful and creative. People want desperately to believe in somethingas Nietzsche put it, “to believe in nothing rather than have nothing to believe in”. So they are willing to be swept up in any fantasy if it makes them feel powerful and alive.

Since then, Sith Academy has been destroyed, lain dormant and re-created more than once. In its second incarnation, we built a real, physical temple, made youtube videos of our rituals there, published several books and kicked the project into overdrive. Acolytes quickly returned, seeking to be led back to their Star Wars fantasy world. It seems that we were the only faction, out of the entire Star Wars-related community, who ever came close to manifesting a real Sith Order or capturing the true dark nature and sinister spirit of the Sith. But the sad fact is that most of these would-be Sith were overweight, impotent, childish and altogether lacking in the kind of power potential that true Sith Lords crave. 

Looking back on it now, I realize that most of the criticism and mockery I received from “serious” people who looked at Sith Academy during that period was accurate. Even if Sithism contained many powerful ideas, packaging them in a meme that is forever associated with fantasy movies, children’s toys and t-shirts just isn’t going to attract many high quality people or be taken seriously as an esoteric order. The ability to sell our books and introduce our ideas to many young people who were expecting a Star Wars fantasy is rather subversive and still has value, but it can’t be the final form or the central project of my life. There is something more serious, original and dangerous at work here, which must be totally independent of George Lucas, Disney, and the latest cultural engineering schemes coming out of Hollywood.

I am still proud of the work I did at Sith Academy and may yet do in the future; the books The Path of Power and Masters of the Will contain some of the most powerful writing and ideas that I (with contributions from Lord Ravuk and others) have produced. The basic feelings that motivated the Sith project are totally legitimate and powerful. From my present viewpoint, they were early expressions of Black Sun consciousness; the “Dark Side of the Force” is another name for “emanations of the Black Sun”, or “Vril”; the Sith are a particularly fantastical and science-fictional vision of a Black Sunnite sect–the first of several Borzûmik (“Black Sunnish”) forms that I have explored since my original awakening. More on those in Part II…