Surviving White Sunnite Regimes

In every age there are outbreaks of White Sunnite fanaticism that threaten to suffocate the world in clouds of delusion, sickness, moralism and white light tyranny. We have seen the cults of monotheism, rationalism, democratism, communism, progressivism and other creeds attempt to impose their tyrannies of “good” upon societies for centuries. It is conceivable that a new form of White Sunnism could soon emerge that incorporates new technologies of propaganda and control to create Orwell’s proverbial “boot stamping on the human face forever”. Even if this does not occur, we know that the tenets of Black Sunnism are simply too harsh and disturbing for most societies to tolerate for long. Eventually, history shows that the elites and/or the masses are going to turn on our kind and make us into scapegoats, rather than face their own Shadows and admit the dark truths of Borzûm-Dûn.

What is the Order’s strategy to survive under White Sunnite regimes, subvert their control systems and thwart their priesthoods? Here are several stratagems we will employ.


The Founders designed the Order to be a secretive, discreet cult rather than a publicity-seeking cultural movement, precisely to avoid problems with White Sunnite backlash. Our creed is not for everyone, and doesn’t need to be known or followed by all. We do not subscribe to the ideals of openness, universalism and egalitarianism espoused by White Sunnites, and do not use their methods. Black Sunnites meet, communicate, train and operate discreetly. We transmit our dark truths to those who are worthy of them, and leave the rest to sleep in their White Sun dream-worlds. Here is a saying that summarizes our viewpoint on this matter:

Black Sunnites are the hidden followers of dark truths, not the open propagators of white lies.

Black Sunnites are sometimes called Vrâgum-Borchârgorz (“Hidden Dark Truthers”) for this reason. In a Black Sun-dominated universe, ruled by hostile forces and threatened by White Sunnite crusades, hidden is how we must be and shall remain.

Elite Initiation

The Order seeks to initiate the elites of White Sunnite society into Black Sunnism rather than recruit the masses. This is not only more discreet, it gains us powerful agents who can advance our interests from within the houses of our metaphysical opposition. The targeting of such elites is one of the dark arts of the advanced Black Sunnite, who is trained in many methods of personal persuasion, seduction and manipulation to advance our cause. Once an elite target has been fully exposed to our initiation process, he should give his allegiance fully to the Order and abandon any vestigial loyalties to his old ideals. Thus we pursue the “Illuminati methodology”: subversion from above; establishment of powerful cabals that operate outside the reach of the ruling system while exercising leverage over it. These cabals can then subtly promote the agenda of the Shadow Council, while sabotaging White Sunnite initiatives from within. In extreme cases, they may be called upon to incite wars and revolutions, crash economies or stage false-flag events to destabilize White Sunnite regimes.

Black Agents

The Order maintains a network of informants, operatives and recruiters who are non-Initiates, but are sympathizers with our cause. These are the Black Agents, or Borfâzâthk. Under White Sunnite regimes, they can reduce our risk of exposure and extend our reach by acting as extra eyes, ears and hands of the Order without being directly connected to us. A Black Agent might act as a courier, transmitting messages between Black Sunnites when direct communication is too risky. He might keep an eye out for hostile parties, tip us off to potential recruits, acquire necessary materials, spread rumors, create diversions, etc. He may do this work voluntarily, or as a paid mercenary, as the case may be.

One of the important skills of the Black Sunnite adept is the ability to recruit Black Agents wherever one goes, in such a way that one reveals little about one’s own involvement with the Order. The Black Sunnite must learn to recognize individuals who are shadow-minded, disgruntled, corruptible or otherwise inclined to Borzûmik ways. He may appeal to whatever meme or ideology is most appropriate to the situation. For example, if the target shows signs of being an occultist, present yourself as a learned black magician; if he is inclined to criminality, adopt the persona of a powerful gangster; if he is politically extreme, make it known that you represent a radical political faction; etc. Here again, skills of persuasion and manipulation, along with espionage and security, are vital to the Black Sunnite initiate and are taught from the outset.


The first task of the Order under a White Sunnite regime is to ensure its continuity. This means continuing to recruit Initiates, train Acolytes, and appoint Black Knights, Shadow-Lords and Black Emperors. It means the Shadow Council will continue to meet and make decrees, even if there are only a few members in a given era. It means adding to the Order’s lore and passing it down to the next in the chain of transmission. It means teaching Initiates the Black Tongue and speaking it among ourselves. It means conducting rites at Black Temples and training at Black Sanctums. The Order can continue to do all these things under even the most hostile White Sunnite regime, but we must be extra clever and discreet. If totalitarian technology is used to try to root us out and shut us down, we will harness our own technologies, “hack” the hostile systems or return to the time-tested methods of more primitive ages. If mobs are mobilized against us, we will mobilize our own counter-mobs or move out their way. If propaganda is used to demonize us, we will demonize the demonizers and deconstruct their propaganda. If our temples are attacked, we will defend them and build new, better-hidden ones. If all else fails, we will simply disappear into the shadows, using the methods of stealth at which we excel, where we will wait and work until the age changes and the environment becomes more hospitable to our kind.

Black Sunnites are patient, because we are an Order that thinks and operates across centuries and ages. The key in every age is to preserve our lineage, transmit our knowledge, train our wills, accumulate Vril and stay firm in our (dis)belief according to our Way. If we do this, nothing the White Sunnites throw at us can ever defeat us!