A Weapon of Reality Destruction

The Black Sun is an intrusion from another reality; not from another universe, but an antiverse—a place opposed to and outside all universes accessible to our minds. By invoking the Black Sun in our meditations and rituals, we are opening a portal into this antiverse and creating a thoughtform singularity in our mental continuum. Like […]

Black Sunnite Motivation

What motivates a Black Sunnite? If the universe is doomed and nothing is true, why should you strive for anything during your brief and meaningless existence in your present incarnation? Why seek to join the Order of the Black Sun? Why strive for Shadow-Lordship? Why give your allegiance to the Black Emperor? Why learn to […]

Song of the Shadow-Bound (Thozât ur Kâmûd-Nârkithk)

Âg Borûk chagâsh bân zamûk Âg Borûk chagâsh mâzûk izil Âg mâzûk chagâsh gân gâthât Âg mâzûk chagâsh chârgûk izil Nâzg Kâmûd-borchazâr Nûk gâth vrâzashk âg Dâr Kâmûd-nârkum nûk âsh Gâthûn-mâzum Bor-Gâshk Nûk izh bân Mâlzûm-Thûl Mârd âg Zhamboragûl {In Darkness there is no light In Darkness there is only death In Death there is […]

The Rise of Black Sun Religion

The religions of this age are weak. They are as soft, toothless, delusional and degenerate as the people who follow them. The old faiths, of the ascetics, warriors, poets and mystics, have slowly succumbed to the diseases of the White Sun age and been conquered—by creeds like liberalism, materialism, hedonism, rationalism and moralism. Most of […]

The Fourth Terrible Truth: The Gods are Hostile

{I have previously posted about the first three of the “Nine Maxims” of the Black Sun Path. But it is more accurate to call them the “Nine Terrible Truths” (“Grâz Burgûdik Chârgz”)–for that is what they are. I now continue where I left off, with the fourth Terrible Truth.} This Terrible Truth expresses the strong […]

The Dark Age to Come

{ This is the conclusion of the Black Ninja Handbook—a manual for Black Sunnites who choose to walk the Shadow Warrior path under the Black Sun. } A Darkening World The Dark Lords have foreseen that the Western world will soon enter a “Sengoku” (Warring States) period of its own, not so different from the one […]

The Black Knight

The Black Knight’s way is found in death. For the life is in death, and death is the gateway to Darkness. The Black Knight has no place in heaven nor on earth–his destiny is in the Void. The Black Knight dwells outside of time. He inhabits many bodies and lives through many lifetimes, an undying […]

The Black Sun Spirit

Black Sunnism is essentially a spirit, feeling or intuition, rather than a rational philosophy or creed. It is an expression of pure freedom and an assertion of dark truth against an onslaught of white lies. The Black Sunnite is a being who simply says to those who would impose their White Sunnite ideals upon him: […]

A Brief History of the Order, Part I

The Beginning The Order of the Black Sun was first conceived around 2010 of the old calendar, at a time when I, Lord Kârzathor, was undergoing an inner crisis and a dark awakening that I barely understood. All I knew was that the symbol of the Black Sun resonated with me in some deep, unconscious […]

Surviving White Sunnite Regimes

In every age there are outbreaks of White Sunnite fanaticism that threaten to suffocate the world in clouds of delusion, sickness, moralism and white light tyranny. We have seen the cults of monotheism, rationalism, democratism, communism, progressivism and other creeds attempt to impose their tyrannies of “good” upon societies for centuries. It is conceivable that […]