The Four Spiritual Castes

Black Sunnites divide human beings into four spiritual castes, based on their inner trajectory and destiny as it relates to the Black Sun. Study and know these four castes well, as they are central to the Black Sunnite ordering of society.

The Shadow-Blind (Kâmûd-Wikithk)

The first caste are the most mundane White Sunnites, who live their lives oblivious to the Black Sun’s power, and to its very existence. They orbit spiritually around the White Sun, blissfully unaware or willfully ignorant that there is a Shadow Sun drawing all life toward it, destroying them and devouring the universe. These beings are called the Kâmûd-Wikithk, or the Shadow-Blind.

In the Black Sunnite hierarchy, the Shadow-Blind are viewed with disdain, being little more than unawakened apes who lack all potential for Black Sunnite work. Because they are so numerous, we don’t generally bother them, preferring to avoid their kind as a wise wolf avoids the main body of the elk herd.

Passersby (Hânzurdyogâthk)

The second caste are those who, due to some inner crisis or dark awakening, approach the Black Sun briefly at some point in their lives. They pass by the secret star like a spacecraft passing near a planet, feeling its pull with fascination but moving on, their trajectory only temporarily altered. These are the Hânzurdyogâthk, or Passersby.

A Passerby might develop a morbid fascination with death, be tempted by “the Devil”, adopt a gothic aesthetic, dabble in dark occultism, become a coffee-shop nihilist or a “doomer”, join a militia or gang, or have suicidal or homicidal thoughts. These are common signs that the Black Sun has pulled them toward it and begun to exert its dark power upon their mind and soul.

Because Passersby show some inclination to Borzûmik ways, Black Sunnites may target them for recruitment into our society. Though they are usually only dabblers who soon return to White Sunnite ways, while they are in that phase they can sometimes be recruited as Black Agents and made use of. In some cases they can be guided deeper into the Shadow, becoming dedicated votaries of the Black Sun.

Orbiters (Zhikurâthk)

The third caste are those who are more profoundly attracted to the Black Sun, becoming drawn into a long-term orbit around it. We call these the Zhikurâthk, or Orbiters. Orbiters are permanently transformed beings, for their proximity to the Shadow Sun means they constantly feel its pull and perceive its Vril. They are the lay followers and lower-level Black Sunnite initiates, whose lives revolve around the Black Sun’s power in some way.

Orbiters are a rare breed, perhaps one in a hundred or rarer. They can be found in many guises—artist, religious devotee, soldier, philosopher, politician, criminal, businessman, terrorist, etc.—but they all have an inward dedication to a dark path and a dark power. Most in this caste aren’t consciously aware that they are beholden to the Black Sun; they may use some other name for their source of allegiance, such as “God”, “Satan” “Allah”, “death”, the “dark force in nature” or “power”, or simply follow their source instinctively without giving it a name.

To identify an Orbiter, look for one who has a focused life, an inner strength, and a certain disturbing or sinister nature. The ability to spot such beings takes experience and intuition; the more advanced you are in the caste hierarchy the more easily you will be able to spot them. Orbiters are not typically found among the wild criminals, drug addicts and dregs of society; in fact they are often upstanding and successful citizens who keep their dark allegiances very private. Our challenge as Black Sunnites is to locate such beings and recruit them into our Order, by awakening them to the true source and nature of their path. At the same time, we must groom our own Orbiters, in the form of Black Agents, Acolytes and Black Knights of the Order.

The Shadow-Bound (Kâmûd-Nârkithk)

The fourth caste are the rarest of beings: those who pass entirely into the the Black Sun, immersing themselves in its Shadow and leaving the White Sunnite world behind forever. These are the Shadow-Lords and the Black Emperor, who have made the Zambrân-Zath (“Lightless Realm”) their permanent abode and kingdom. We call those who have entered fully into the Shadow’s embrace the Kâmûd-Nârkithk—the Shadow-Bound.

The Shadow-Bound can be compared to denizens inside a black hole, from which nothing escapes and no light is emitted. They are trapped spiritually within the horizon of the Black Sun, with no hope of rescue and no way to communicate with those outside the sphere of pure Shadow. To study under a Shadow-Lord, one must enter the Black Sun oneself, becoming just as trapped in the lightless realm in the process. Thus the quest for Shadow-Lordship is a one-way journey into the spiritual Void—or into the realm of the living dead.

Few people will ever encounter a Shadow-Bound being; they are one in a million or more. At this stage of the Order’s development, we can count their number on the fingers of one hand with digits to spare. It seems that precious few have the commitment, the dark gift and the independent spirit necessary to complete the Black Sun Path and reach Shadow-Lordship in this age. But those who do will join the ruling caste of the Black Sun Order, to whom all other castes defer. Our highest task as an Order is to groom select beings to become future Shadow-Lords themselves, thus ensuring the continued survival and power of our Brotherhood.