The Path of Inner Destruction

{The following is an excerpt from “Book of the Black Sun”, a forthcoming book by the Dark Lords.}

Psychologically, the Black Sun Path is largely a process of cutting away the conditioning and propaganda that accumulate in the minds of every civilized person from birth; of deconstructing the disempowering memes that have been implanted in your mind by a culture that has a different agenda from our own; of immunizing yourself against the lies of a White Sunnite society that would enslave your will and reduce you to a sleeper and a slave. We call this process the Path of Inner Destruction (Dûn ur Zhamâtonûk). Here are six tools the Dark Lords have found most useful on their own paths of inner destruction, and made central to the Black Sunnite praxis.

Void Meditation (Dâr-Tazhâr)

Void meditation, or Dâr-tazhâr, is the meditation practice used by Black Sunnites to awaken Black Sun perception and the Shadow-Mind. It is similar to the Zen Buddhist practice of zazen, which is said to be the technique that led to the Buddha’s awakening.

In Dâr-tazhâr, one simply quiets the mind and follows the breath in an effort to experience pure Void awareness. Thoughts and perceptions are allowed to come and go without dwelling upon them; attention is always returned inward, to the breath. In our praxis, we may perform this meditation in the classic seated “lotus”, “half-lotus” or cross-legged position, or it may be done while walking, running, performing martial arts or any other simple activity.

The Dark Lords find Void meditation to be of great benefit in separating their beings from their thoughts, senses, habits and personalities—giving them enhanced awareness of and control over them. Void meditation deconditions the mind, allowing you to tune out the inner chatter of thoughts and urges that are constantly battling for your conscious attention. Void meditation gives you a foundation in unconditioned awareness, to realize that you are not your thoughts, and your thoughts are not you. It also clarifies perceptions and disciplines the mind, which is beneficial when engaging in focused thought or activity of any kind. At a metaphysical level, Void meditation can peel away the illusory and fleeting perceptions of the White Sun-lit material world, revealing the fact that one is immersed in the deeper Void of the Dâr—the primordial Black Sun. For all these reasons, Dâr-tazhâr is the basic practice of all disciples of the Black Sun Path, and should be performed daily.

Psychedelic Drugs (Hûzbârukâth-Lûmz)

Psychedelic drugs, or hûzbârukâth-lûmz (mind-opener drugs), are the most dangerous candy you can take, because they decondition you from your culture’s values and cause you to start questioning the rules of the game. Under strong psychedelics, your entire subjective reality changes, and you begin to ask: which is real, the psychedelic state or the sober one? Your normal thought patterns are disrupted, your doors of perception are opened, and your mind becomes more susceptible to deprogramming and reprogramming. But don’t worry; psychedelics won’t turn you into some insipid preacher of peace and love if that is not your nature. In fact, psychedelics may be the fastest route to discovering your dark inner nature.

The Dark Lords know of no more powerful deconditioning experience than psychedelic drugs, but they caution against using them recklessly or recreationally. The proper use of these substances is the way they have been used for millennia throughout the world: by a special class of shamans and priests who take them under the guidance of masters, as a means of initiation and mystical awakening to the mysteries of existence which lie beyond the bounds of culture-bound reality. This is how we use them in our Order; disciples on the path to Dark Lordship may be expected to take psychedelics during special rituals as part of their initiation into the mysteries of the Black Sun and the Dark Universe.

Nature Immersion (Zhumor-Gyâdozât)

A straightforward method of deconstructing your cultural programming and experiencing the raw power of the Dark Tao is to step outside the world of human culture and immerse yourself in nature. In Borgâl, this practice is called zhumor-gyâdozât (“nature immersion”). Backpacking trips into the mountains are favored by the Dark Lords, but longer stays are even more powerful if you have the necessary survival skills. In nature, one becomes attuned to natural rhythms and energies which are difficult to convey to those who spend their entire lives in the artificial world of culture, jobs, laws, technology and mass media. When you find the domesticated ways of White Sunnite civilization sapping your power or deranging your mind, there is no better way to revitalize yourself than to step into the wilderness and tap into the raw Vril of billions of untamed beings engaged in the struggle for life and death.

Memetics (Hûzchorgazâr)

Memetics is the science of infectious ideas, symbols and behaviors called memes. When you plant a “mind virus” (hûzchorgaz) or “thought bomb” (hûzdârg) in someone’s head that drives them mad or alters their behavior, you are practicing memetics (hûzchorgazâr). Every Dark Lord is a memomancer (hûzchorgazâth), who uses memes to transform himself, other people and entire societies.

When you begin to think of your thoughts as infections, which use minds as carriers and have a life of their own, including a desire to grow and reproduce, you develop an objectivity toward them that is most empowering. Combined with the other tools of inner destruction discussed here, memetics becomes a tool for re-engineering your entire personality and the personalities of others. Note that memetics includes much of what is traditionally called “magick” or “sorcery”, which are mostly techniques of psychological manipulation via memes.

Logic (Kurzât-Kûm)

Logic consists of the laws of thought; in Borgâl we call it kurzât-kûm (“thought-law”). Black Sunnites may be driven by irrationality, intuition, passion or a type of faith, but we must also acknowledge the tremendous power of logical thought. When you must think consciously, you should use logic to avoid false conclusions, make good decisions and think clearly. There is an expression: that which can be destroyed by the truth should be, and logic is a most powerful tool for destroying untruths. The blade of logic cuts through much of the cruft of subjective existence, getting one closer to the dark truths about the nature of reality that no Borzûmik being can afford to deny.

Conflict (Kyotûk)

Conflict (kyotûk) is the means by which the Black Sunnite adept tests what he has learned, discards failed ideas and keeps himself from becoming complacent or “falling asleep” in a White Sunnite environment. Conflict is a reflection of the natural order, in which all life struggles endlessly for supremacy, and thereby renews itself and grows stronger. We fight because it is how we prove the power of our philosophy, our passion and our Path. We fight to test every idea on the field of battle, rather than accepting it at face value. Black Sunnites are not glorifiers of peace like the followers of White Sunnite creeds; we understand that war has a vital place in the scheme of things, and can be a most potent means of awakening latent abilities and spiritual power within oneself.

Together, the above six tools can be used to deconstruct any idea, dispel any delusion, immunize against any memetic virus, optimize one’s mental functioning and maximize one’s inner power. Use Void meditation to become aware of your memes, then use logic to decide which memes are beneficial (symbionts) and which are harmful (parasites or viruses). Use psychedelics to blow the doors of perception wide open and put yourself in touch with larger mythic streams of consciousness. Immerse yourself in nature to connect to the raw life energy and the Dark Tao of evolution. Use memetics as a way to think objectively about your own mental ecosystem and cultural programming. Use logic to decide which memes to implant, which to retain and which to reject. Use conflict as the final test, to determine which memes are fit enough to survive, and which must die.

Be warned, however: deconditioning using these tools of inner destruction is risky business! One not only risks one’s sanity, but one may begin to find conditioned existence within White Sunnite society difficult to bear, and start looking for a way out. This can mean becoming a hermit, a radical, a madman or a suicide, or some combination of these. But it can also mean becoming a prophet, a visionary, a man of power and an awakened being, so for Black Sunnite would-be Dark Lords the risks are necessary. The choice—whether or not to take these “red pills” and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, or to take the “blue pill” of conditioned existence and go back to sleep—is of course yours.