Excerpts from the Black Tongue Handbook

{ The following are a few excerpts from Black Tongue Handbook, available from Black Temple Publishing. }

Borgâl is the language of the Shadow.” —Dark Lord Kârzathor


Borgâl (“Black Tongue”) is the magickal language used by members of our Order—the Order of the Black Sun (Borzûm-Gâzûl)—to invoke Vril into themselves and command the external world. With this language, our Order shall rename all things in this world, thus imposing our thought-forms upon it and thereby conquering it. Borgâl shall also be our secret tongue, used to identify other members of our kind and separate ourselves from the White Sunnites and mundanes of this world. Those who choose to learn Borgâl are a self-selecting elite, founders of a new cult, heralds of a new order and propagators of a new magickal regime.

Black Tongue Handbook is an introduction to Borgâl for Acolytes and lay followers of our Order. The words and concepts contained herein should be studied and mastered by using them in conversation with other Black Sunnites, reciting the sayings and mantras in this book (and others you create), writing in the Hârzad script and completing the Acolyte Exercises. Practice makes powerful!

Note #1: Borgâl is not a complete language, but a partial work in progress. It is being revealed over time by myself, Dark Lord Ravuk and other Black Sunnites, and is therefore subject to revision and expansion at any time. This Handbook is a first edition to get disciples started speaking, writing and thinking in the language of the Black Sun Brotherhood. New editions will be forthcoming as more of the language is revealed.

Note #2: To begin your initiation into the Order, submit the exercises contained in the last chapter of this book as described.

Tone & Diction:

Borgâl is a language from the dark side of the mind, designed to express the dark or “Black Sunnish” nature of existence. As such, it should be spoken with a guttural, fierce, menacing tone and diction, not a soft, light, friendly one. As you practice speaking words of Borgâl, adopt the persona of a very sinister, nasty character; learn to use words as a tiger uses his growl or a wolf uses his howl: as a warning to others and an expression of your dangerous power.

Black Brotherhood Slogan

Those who follow the Black Sunnite ideology, speak Borgâl and give their allegiance to the Black Temple compose an alliance of sects and Dagz known as the Black Brotherhood. Every allied sect, while maintaining a distinct identity, should indicate its membership in the Brotherhood with the following Borgâzûl-Gromât (“Black Brotherhood Slogan”):

Gûm Kârzath, Gûm Gazûl
{ One Empire, One Brotherhood }

Allied sects should display this slogan in their zâkshod (temple) or dûnzun (dojo). Written vertically in Hârzad, it looks like this:

Gûm Kârzath, Gûm Gâzûl (“One Empire, One Brotherhood”)


Correspondence Courses

The Order of the Black Sun seeks select individuals who wish to learn and propagate the Black Sunnite philosophy, language, ideology and way of life—thus becoming the vanguard of the Shadow regime on earth. Becoming an initiated Borgâz (Black Brother) of the Order requires careful study of our books, completion of the exercises contained therein, application of their teachings in your life, and a powerful sense of Borzûmik inspiration. Our program of education and initiation begins with correspondence courses: sets of exercises to be completed and submitted from each book, followed by correction and feedback from the Dark Lords.

Once you have carefully read and studied the contents of this book, you may begin your initiation into the Order by completing the exercises below as instructed.

Acolyte Exercises

The exercises below are required by Initiates of the Order in order to demonstrate Acolyte-level proficiency in Borgâl. They should be typed, hand-written and recorded, attached to an email message and sent to training@orderoftheblacksun.com. The Dark Lords will reply with feedback about your work and provide direction for further Black Sunnite training and initiation. You may send the exercises individually rather than all 7 at once for more immediate feedback.

4. Translate the following six Hârzad sentences in two ways: first transcribe them into Borgâl written in the English alphabet, then translate them into English.