Two-Sun Philosophy

The Dark Lords of the Order of the Black Sun hold to a worldview they call Vorzûm-Zovrâd (Two-Sun Philosophy). According to this philosophy, there are two primary metaphysical “Suns”―the Black Sun (Borzûm) and the White Sun (Mâlzûm)―which influence the human Will and guide our destinies. The Black Sun is the source of Borvril―the “dark energy” that compels men to conquer, fear, hate, destroy, die, follow dark gods and celebrate the darker aspects of existence. The White Sun is the source of Mâlvril―the “Light” spoken of in many religions, associated with love, life, healing, peace, benevolent gods and the “sunny side of life”.

While the Dark Lords believe in the existence of both Suns, they consider the Black Sun to be dominant in this ‘verse―as shown by the fact that the stars evolve into black holes, all life dies, everything crumbles into dust and the entire universe is going dark. Since Borvril is stronger than Mâlvril in this life, they have chosen to cultivate it more than the weaker White Sun energy. This is what makes them Dark Lords and not Light Lords!

The Dark Lords also speak of two ‘Temples’ associated with the Two Suns: the Black Sun Temple and the White Sun Temple. These are not physical Temples, but abstract, metaphysical places―the Black Lodge and White Lodge spoken of in Theosophical and occult circles, where the followers of the Two Suns imaginally congregate.

Religions throughout history have recognized the reality of the Two-Sun duality: that there are two metaphysical poles which influence the human Will, and indeed all things. The Taoists called these poles Yin and the Yang; the Zoroastrians named them Ahura Mazda, god of light, and Ahriman, god of darkness; the Manicheans spoke of the world as a battleground of light and darkness; the Christians call them God and the Devil; Gnostics and Luciferians speak of the “light-bringer”, enemy of the dark “demiurge” who rules this world; the fictional Jedi and Sith have their “light side” and “dark side” of the Force; and so on.

The Dark Lords also hold to an Aeonic worldview: that there are metaphysical ages, or Aeons, dominated by Black Sun consciousness, and others ruled by the White Sun. They believe the world is now entering a very dark Black Sun Aeon (Borzûm-Odun), but they also believe this process can be influenced by human Will. Thus, when Black Templars conduct rituals invoking the Black Sun and do other deeds, they are hastening the dawn of a Black Sun Aeon.

It should be noted that while the Dark Lords favor the Borvril of the Black Sun, they do not deny the power of the Mâlvril of the White Sun. They simply see the White Sun as a weaker, fleeting emanation within the all-encompassing primordial Darkness. As Lord Kârzathor put it: “The Light that birthed this universe was a fleeting whim; the galaxies are growing dim; the Darkness will forever more ascend.” Thus, the Dark Lords build Temples to the superior power of the Black Sun, and internalize its Darkness within themselves. This process is what they call Endarkenment (Zhamboragûl).