The Nine Maxims of Borzûm-Dûn, Part 1

The Nine Maxims of Borzûm-Dûn—the Black Sun Path—form the basic creed of all Black Sunnites. They are the guiding principles that every member of the Order should internalize and live by. In this post we discuss the first three Maxims:

  1. Remember that this world and everything in it will die.
  2. Know that nothing is true and everything is permitted.
  3. Seek unlimited power and conquest.

Maxim One: Memento Mori

The Black Sun is a memento mori—a reminder that we will die. Indeed, it is a reminder that everything in existence—ourselves, our friends and families, our tribes, our races, our civilizations, our species, our planet, our sun, our galaxy, our entire universe—is doomed to destruction. As the ancient Chinese sages said, when asked for a saying that is true in all times and places: “this, too, shall pass”. Nothing in this world is eternal. The fate of everything is Darkness. Nothing can escape its destiny in the Void of the Black Sun. Unlike the modern White Sunnite who lives in denial and mortal fear of this reality, the Black Sunnite embraces it, takes dark inspiration from it, reminds himself of it often and pays tribute to it by his devotion to the Borzûm symbol. Thus do we revive the ancient tradition of “memento mori”—the practice of keeping death imagery at hand such as skulls, bones and graves as a reminder of our mortality, common since ancient times but forgotten in the modern age. We use the symbol of the Black Sun for a similar purpose, but a different slant than the White Sunnites: to glorify the power of death, universal destruction and ourselves as dead men walking under the Black Sun.

Maxim Two: Nihilism

Philosophically, we are nihilists. We believe that all moral philosophies are collections of words and concepts which are negated by the reality of a Black Sun-dominated universe. The inevitable extinction of life, the death of the stars, the diffusion of the galaxies, the disintegration of matter, and the return of this ‘verse to the Void from whence it came, all undermine the authority of any values, morals or laws of which we can conceive. Just as a black hole is a “divide-by-zero error” in the equations of cosmology, the Black Sun is a divide-by-zero error in the reasoning of the moral philosophers. Nor is the logic of theology any better, since no gods of light show themselves nor answer our pleas for guidance. Therefore we deny all false, man-made gods, and dub whatever negative transcendent principle remains the “Black Sun”. Such Borzûmik nihilism is, in our view, the freest of all philosophies and the most tenable position to take in a universe such as this one.

Maxim Three: Power

Black Sunnites could be described as power-worshipers, or fascists. We believe that we live in a Darwinian universe, in which might makes right, the strong dominate the weak and only the fittest survive. We believe that the strongest individuals, tribes and empires will naturally prevail over weaker collectives, and this should be encouraged. We believe that every individual should strive for inner development and empowerment, and that every collective is measured by the personal power of its individuals. We understand that there is no cosmic reward for pursuing any ideal of “justice”, “liberty”, or “equality” that denies the realities of the Borzûmik Vrâthûl (“Black Sunnish Universe”). We believe that all political ideologies not rooted in nihilistic Black Sun philosophy are arbitrary, transient delusions. Our politics is the politics of destruction of all false ideologies, hopes and creeds, and the elevation of will, vitality and power as the supreme political expressions of human nature in this hostile universe.

In Borzûmik ideology, the emphasis is on the will and imagination, not on reason, reality or morality, because only the former can fill the void of existence in a Black Sun-dominated cosmos. We seek to master and mold the universe to our liking according to our Borzûmik inspiration, not according to the dictates of some false god of light or bogus moralism. Liberated and endarkened, each of us is a potential Emperor and conqueror of the world, who may attract legions of followers who wish to share in our conquests. Unlimited power! Unlimited conquest! Unlimited triumphs of the will! Let this be the credo of the Black Sunnite sorcerer and anti-philosopher!