Black Sun Over Atlantis (Atlantean Revelations, Part 1)

{ Dark Lord Kârzathor has been receiving visions of the ancient civilization known as Atlantis for several years. These he transcribes in a private book called Tranzathik Sârudâtz (“Atlantean Revelations”). He has kept these visions to himself while he processes what he has learned, but here, for the first time, he reveals a small fragment of this knowledge. As you will see, these revelations are key to understanding what motivates the Black Sun Order and their Black Temple project. }

During the later years of Atlantean civilization, certain Vril-sensitive mystics and artists began to speak of a “Black Sun” rising over their lands, and an apocalyptic future approaching. These mystics adopted symbols of the Black Sun such as those shown below, which they wore on their clothing, painted on their Temples and tattooed on their very flesh.


At first, this strange cult was ignored, or laughed at, by the satisfied citizens of the Atlantean Kingdom. After all, Atlantis had known prosperity, security and glory for as long as anyone could remember, and was in no danger of falling into darkness. Surely the Atlanteans had won the favor of their gods—which they honored dutifully in their Temples to the White Sun, the moon, the stars and the spirits of nature.

However, fewer laughed at the “Black Sunnites” when a series of misfortunes befell Atlantis not long after their appearance: earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis rocked the Kingdom; wars against outland barbarians went badly; sea raiders harassed coastal towns with impunity; distrust, fear and hatred began to divide the people; once-noble leaders grew greedy and corrupt. It seemed that a Black Sun had indeed risen over the lands of the White Sun, and a golden age of civilization was drawing to a close.

Amidst this chaos and unrest, the Black Sun cult began to rapidly gain influence, and its sinister black temples began to appear—first in remote regions, then in the cities, as conditions grew more dire and the cult became more brazen. The cult soon developed into a powerful religious order, known as Borzûm-Gâzûl (Black Sun Order) in the ancient Atlantean dialect of Borgâl. This led to a great schism in Atlantean civilization, as the old dominant religion of White Sun worship was now challenged by an insurgent, apocalyptic sect of those who were said to “walk under the Black Sun”. The two opposing sects thenceforth became known as the Mâlzûmorz (White Sunnites) and the Borzûmorz (Black Sunnites), respectively.

Eventually, the entire population of Atlantis would be split by this great religious divide: the White Atlanteans (Mâl-Tranzathîn) being those who favored the older White Sun religion, with its creed of peace, progress, and a benevolent cosmos that shone down its favors upon the people of Atlantis like the rays of the sun; the Black Atlanteans (Bor-Tranzathîn) being those who sided with the newer Black Sun sect, with its creed of conflict, conquest and a hostile cosmos that would destroy Atlantis and all things in the fires of the Black Sun. The White Atlanteans were guided by the Mâlzûm-Gâzûl (White Sun Order), the priesthood who practiced what we would call today “white magick”, while the Black Atlanteans were guided by the Borzûm-Gâzûl (Black Sun Order),who practiced black magick.

The Borzûm-Gâzûl’s power was centered in their Black Temples (Borzâkshodz), which took many forms but were noted for their twin black obelisks inscribed with letters of the Hârzad script, and their black altars upon which Black Templars made sacrificial offerings to their Black Sun. At the peak of its power, the Order built vast pyramidal black stone temples, upon which their black-robed priests conducted sacrificial rites during eclipses and exhorted their congregations to success in battle. For the Order was by now firing up their followers’ imaginations with visions of imperial greatness, and preparing them spiritually for great wars to come. The Order’s ruling Shadow Council knew by then that war was necessary: first to crush the White Sunnites in the homeland and consolidate their theocratic power, then to expand the Atlantean Kingdom across the seas and establish a greater Black Sun Empire (Borzûm-Kârzath). And the key to it all would be evoking a great Vrilstorm—a nexus of Black Sun energy centered in the Black Temples, which would sweep away the old order and inspire the Atlanteans to untold heights of glory.

Thus the stage was set for an apocalyptic showdown between the White Atlantean and Black Atlantean factions, which would decide the fate of the greatest civilization of the antediluvian world, and echo down through the ages to our own time.

{ To be continued… }