The Black Sun Jihad

Untold millions of years ago, a civilization in another galaxy went through a period of intellectual “Enlightenment” much like our own, in which science and rationality triumphed over ancient traditions of religiosity and mysticism. But soon after this came the “Endarkenment”, a period of cultural disillusionment characterized by cosmicist artists, nihilist philosophers and mystics of the Void. For them, the universe revealed by science turned out to be too strange, indifferent and doomed to be reconciled with notions of progress or cosmic benevolence. Thus was born the Black Sunnite movement, a quasi-religious cult founded by endarkened intellectuals who looked at reality unsentimentally and concluded that life, consciousness and the universe itself were abominations that should not even exist.

Soon after this revelation the Black Sunnites launched the Black Sun Jihad—the holy war to eradicate all life in the cosmos, by launching self-replicating planet-killing machines into space in all directions. The machines constructed a kind of Dyson sphere, or shell, around each star, blotting out its light long enough to freeze the solar system to death. In this way, the Black Sun Armada sterilized their entire home galaxy of life long ago, and are approaching ours as we speak. Any day now, perhaps, their doomsday machines will arrive, and soon after our sun will go black, and our planet will die, forever.