Dawn of the Black Sun—A First Revelation

Dark Lord Kârzathor first began to perceive the Black Sun strongly some time in 2010 of the old calendar—more than a year before the declaration of Imperial Year One, two years before 12/21/12 and seven years before the Black Sunrise event. At that time, he began to write a series of essays to express the dark sense of inspiration that his newfound awareness had stirred in his soul, and put him on the Black Sun Path. This was his first essay.

A great Darkness is falling over mankind, for the Shadow of the Black Sun is dawning anew upon the world.

The age we are entering is going to shatter the minds of all believers in religions of progress and benevolent gods, yet for those forward-thinking reactionaries who can adapt to a transformed world, it will be an age of unprecedented opportunity.

To survive and thrive in the new dark age, you will first need to de-condition yourself from a lifetime of cultural programming which has implanted insidious memes like “progress”, “justice,” “equality” and “liberty” deep within your mind. Those are the memes of another age, born of a brief orgy of fossil-fueled indulgence and progressive hubris that has no future. In the Aeon of the Black Sun, you must relearn the hard wisdom of your ancestors and the answer to the “Riddle of Steel”.

Like Conan the Barbarian, you must reclaim your right to be sinister and to take what you want by right of conquest and superior will. For in the Black Sun Aeon, the weak of will shall perish and the meek shall simply die. In the Black Sun Aeon, there will be no valid governing principle save superior power. In the Black Sun Aeon, there will be no universal brotherhood of man—only warring races, tribes, nations and Orders without end.

For a bittersweet taste of the new dark age, watch the original Conan movie, and read the works of the Black Sun visionary, Robert E. Howard. Here was a man who understood the dark and timeless truths of human nature, and brought them viscerally to life to the delight of denizens of our ever so ignorant “Age of Enlightenment.”

When the Shadow of the Black Sun falls, everything you have been conditioned to believe about man, civilization and the cosmos by the religions and philosophers of the Light will be revealed as pure fabrication. Modern man will be forced to relearn what ancient people never forgot: that nature, including man, is cruel, capricious, diabolical and adversarial at its core. Progress-mongers who thought man had neutered nature and turned the corner on the old evils forever will find themselves psychically defenseless and morally bankrupt in the new dark age. By the same token, those who have been marginalized today by White Sun civilization’s gatekeepers—the myriad militants, extremists, fanatics and cultists whose voices are becoming a cacophony too shrill to ignore—will find in the fall of the Shadow their finest hour. As a poet once said in a rather different context, “the first one now will later be last, for the times they are a-changin’.”

If you speak this way to true believers still stuck in the old Aeon, you will be dismissed as a madman—a deranged misanthrope in the mold of a Nietzsche, Lovecraft or Hitler. But in reality such men were dark prophets with more insight into the human condition than any Abrahamic holy man. Now that doom is at our doorstep and the Shadow looms over us all, their revelations are as religion for a new endarkened age.

So let us sing to the prophets of darkness, the dark universe itself and the dark places within our souls, as the world is once again eclipsed by Shadow and the Black Sun armies march as in days of old. An age of peace and progress has ended; an age of war and survival has begun. May you have good fighting and good fortune in the Aeon of the Black Sun!