The Black Sufis

The Black Sufis are an order of dark mystics that is said to have its origins in “pre-sand Egypt.” There is evidence to suggest that the Black Sufis have been covertly manipulating events in the Middle East for millennia. Abdul Alhazred is said to have been a high-ranking Black Sufi before he went mad and revealed some of the cult’s secrets by publishing the Kitab Al-Azif (aka "the Necronomicon"). Another suspected Black Sufi was the 14th dynasty Egyptian high priest Nephren-ka, who formed the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh as a cult dedicated to Nyarlothotep. In modern times, there is speculation that the rise of Nazism was influenced by the Black Sufis, via Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff, who studied Sufism extensively in Turkey before World War I. After the war,…
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